Data Report on China’s Independent Refineries

Independent refineries are now playing an important role in China’s oil refining industry, and they are the epitome of China’s private enterprises. The independent refineries are approved to process imported crude oil, to import crude oil and to export refined products. Accordingly, China’s independent refineries will impact the Chinese and the Asian oil refining industry greatly, as well as the world oil refining industry.

More great changes will be seen in the Asian oil refining industry, due to the rapid development of China’s independent refineries. Absolutely, the changes have caused many investment opportunities, and more opportunities are coming soon. SCI (Sublime China Information Group) is the biggest.

information and consulting provider in China. SCI accumulates detailed and abundant first-hand data on China’s independent refineries. This helps the independent refineries to be known and accepted in the world. The data, based on over 60 analysts’ regular investigation and interviews, covers all aspects of China’s independent refineries, including their capacity, output, sales, stocks, imports and exports.

As well as detailed data on China’s independent refineries, SCI can provide reasons for the data changes. The SCI data report on China’s independent refineries is your best choice to master the development of China’s independent refineries.

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