Expert Team

  • Perry Cui

    Mr. Perry Cui is the chief analyst of SCI and the chief analyst of China Commodity Price Statistics Platform.

    Mr. Cui has been engaged in the petrochemical market study and macro economy analysis for nearly 30 years. He has organized and established SCI Commodity Index as well as SCI Price Assessment Standard System. He has been invite to deliver speeches in dozens of international events.

    Mr. Cui has maintained close relationship and cooperation with Chinese and foreign petrochemical giants. He has taken part in the macro economy and price analysis events held by National Bureau of Statistics of China, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Agriculture of China, etc. He has held many industry study projects organized by national ministries and commissions and local governments. Mr. Cui is the special contributor for the Xinhua News Agency as well as the special commentator of China Central Television (CCTV).

  • Wukong Liu

    Mr. Wukong Liu joined SCI in February, 2011. As the refined oil market analyst, he focuses on Shandong independent refineries, Chinese refined oil blending market, biodiesel and other new energy industries.

    Mr. Wukong Liu has completed nearly 10 reports related to Shandong independent refineries which are commissioned by Sinopec, ChemChina, Shell, BP, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, etc. He has held or assisted in 3 national refined oil seminars. He was invited by CNOOC to deliver a speech about Shandong independent refineries in 2014, participated in UNIPEC assessment of phase II in 2015 and participated in the National Bureau of Statistics’ study in 2016.

  • Andy Liu

    Andy Liu joined SCI in February, 2006, Mr. Andy Liu successively holds the posts of Editorial Manager at Energy Department, Manager of Energy Department, General Manager of Metal Branch and General Manager of Energy & Chemical Branch.

    With strong knowledge on petrochemical and metal industries, Mr. Andy Liu has trained a group of competitive analysts. He is the special commentator at CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, China Business Network, Sina and other well-known media.

  • Jackie Zhu

    As a senior energy industry analyst, Mr. Jackie Zhu focuses on the market information of gasoline &diesel, fuel oil, crude oil, etc., and having carried out studies covering fields of energy, economy and finance. He is the renowned news commentator on CCTV, CNR, Xinhua News Agent, CBN, HK Metro Broadcasting Business channel. Additionally, he has been invited as keynote speaker to many summits of the Chinese oil industry and investment-related events.

  • Devin Tian

    Devin Tian, SCI crude oil and fuel oil market analyst, has studied China’s independent refineries for 4 years, and knows well about raw material, units and cost at China’s independent refineries. In the past few years, he went to independent refineries in Northeast China, North China and Shandong, and made on-the-spot investigations of the transportation and storage of refined oil in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Additionally, he was also engaged in investigations, like Shandong Independent Refineries Study Project, Shandong Asphalt Delivery Warehouse Study Project, etc. He has comprehensive and in-depth industrial knowledge on the refining oil industry, and gains profound achievements in this field.

    He has completed many reports, such as Raw Material Analysis on Imported Fuel Oil Market, China’s Independent Refineries Crude Oil Import Analysis, Zhejiang Oil Depot Study Report, Fujian Asphalt Market Study Report, Shandong Independent Refineries Catalytic Units Study Report, etc. He also makes deep analysis in many reports, such as China’s Independent Refineries Raw Material Analysis, Shandong Independent Refineries Processing Raw Material Analysis, etc.

  • Arvin Li

    Arvin Li joined SCI in April, 2007. Mr. Arvin Li mainly works on R&D of information and consultation in energy industry. He has maintained close contact and cooperation with many domestic and overseas petroleum enterprises, investment institutions, traders and well-known media such as CCTV, CBN, Reuters, etc. He has also hosted many oil and gas industry conferences, and has participated in the R&D of relevant SCI database and undertaken some important compiling work of SCI evaluation standard and SCI index since 2009. He has also taken part in large cooperation projects of State Statistics Bureau, National Development, Reform Commission, etc.

  • Zhang Bin

    Mr. Zhang Bin entered the information service industry in 2006, and had been devoted to studying and tracking the oil refining industry ever since. During years of study, Mr. Zhang witnessed the reform of pricing policies of refined oil products, the rising of independent refineries and the change of alkylate and naphtha products. With the adjustment of national policies and upgrade of technologies, Mr. Zhang continuously adjusts thinking and understands the industry development. In addition, Mr. Zhang also devoted to the study of alternative energy sources in recent years, such as coal-based oil and LNG.

    Mr. Zhang hosted and participated in the study projects required by Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Shell, Total, independent refineries and coal-based oil companies. Mr. Zhang also organized the compilation of SCI Refined Oil Wholesale Pricing Index, China’s Refining Industry Study, The Petrochemical Upgrading Project – Refined Oil Products Study, MTO Products Marketing & Pricing Study, Shandong Refined Oil Products and Base Oil Market Study.

  • James Gao

    James joined SCI Group in 2013 as an analyst covering the Chinese oil refining industry. He has taken part in project studies on crude oil, refined oil products and olefins since 2014. He has developed a unique insight for the macro policies interpretation and industry trend analysis.

    He was invited to deliver speeches at related associations and industry conferences, and was highly recognized by Chinese mainstream media. In February 2017, James was invited to deliver a speech on China’s independent refineries on International Petroleum Week at Bloomberg London.

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