Downstream dynamics: demand


  • Oct 21: Paraffin Wax Market Demand Shrank

    International crude price kept declining, and cost support to paraffin wax market. Export volume also slumped this month as RMB exchange rate kept firm, and inner sales pressure also enlarged. Downstream demand stayed quiet in the context of economic stagnation.

    Traders also retreated from the market and stood on the sidelines, and market resources appeared surplus. Weak demand is the major dominating factor dragging down paraffin wax market, sales will remain tepid till the end of the month, and inventories may climb further.

  • Jun 16 Butadiene: Tough Transactions Caused By Downstream Resistance

    Butadiene market held flat today as producers in North China kept butadiene ex-works price stable at RMB 9,310/mt. Most downstream plants had already stocked certain butadiene resources and showed resistance to the high price of butadiene.

    Market supply remains steady in line with normal production of plants in North China. Traders in East China hold limited resources, yet transactions go roughly because of downstream users' resistance. The moderate downstream synthetic rubber market fails to provide any support. Rubber latex plants also adopt a cautious stance for the high-priced butadiene resources. SCI estimates that butadiene market will largely hold stable tomorrow.

  • Oct 15 IIR: Wait-and-see Mood Prevailed with Thin Demand

    China IIR plants mostly produced regular IIR, with some producing halogenated IIR (HIIR). Regular IIR market players mostly stood on the sidelines and held low or even no inventory. Thus overall trading activities were sparse.

    For halogenated IIR, market supplies were amply, with products mainly for old consumers. Most deals were small.

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