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2022-2023 China Natural Gas Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In 2022, the geopolitical crisis not only triggered soaring oil and gas prices but also pushed the global economy into recession. Meanwhile, China’s macroeconomy slowdown overlapped carbon peak transition amid public health events, posing great challenges to the development of China’s natural gas sector.

China’s piped gas price and LNG price were both 2-3 times higher than historical levels, whilst the NG consumption and LNG consumption are estimated to drop by 1% and 30% respectively in 2022. However, propelled by the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2030 carbon peak vision, China’s natural gas sector is still considered as the powerhouse of the global gas market in the mid-to-long term, catching eyes of energy participants at home and abroad.

In the 14th Five-Year Plan period, China’s natural gas market reform will enter a prime stage, and PipeChina will open more resources to 2-tier players and international players. In the coastal main consuming regions, the competition between piped gas and LNG will become a new normal, helping the piped gas market shape its market-oriented nature. As for infrastructure, the second wave of terminal expansion will thrive in three years, whilst long-term contracted imports will increase significantly from 2025. At the same time, the Power of Siberia Pipeline will reach its designed capacity, and the competition between piped gas import and LNG import will also become fiercer, bringing new opportunities to downstream market reform.

What’s the interaction between the global market and domestic market? Who will win the competition between piped gas import and LNG import? When is the turning point of the current high price and low demand dilemma? And, what opportunities and challenges will PipeChina introduce to the market reform?

SCI’s 2022-2023 China Natural Gas Market Annual Report will explain with comprehensive analysis to reveal the challenges and opportunities in China’s natural gas industry and foresee future new trends. The core competitiveness is the comprehensive and detailed raw data. The annual report is the result of SCI’s in-depth and meticulous research on China’s natural gas market as well as its upstream and downstream sectors. Besides detailed reviewing the 5-year historical data, SCI also interprets and analyzes changes in the natural gas industry in the next five years, providing a strong basis for subscribers to make decisions.

Report value

1. To analyze the detail of supply and demand in the natural gas market through regional supply-demand balance.

2. To analyze China’s natural gas upstream supply situation and the development trend.

3. To elaborate on the downstream consumption structure changes and the new development.

4. To analyze changes in global and domestic trade flows.

5. To compare the profit change of different market participants in the natural gas industrial chain.

6. To newly add price index analysis reflecting China’s natural gas balance.


Part 1 China Natural Gas Market Overview

Part 2 China Natural Gas Market Supply-Demand Balance

Part 3 China Natural Gas Market Supply Analysis

3.1 China Natural Gas Reserve Analysis    

3.2 China Natural Gas Output Analysis      

3.3 China Natural Gas Import Analysis      

3.3.1 China Natural Gas Import Overview

3.3.2 China Piped Gas Import and LNG Import Analysis

3.3.2 China Natural Gas Import Analysis by Origin

Part 4 China Natural Gas Demand Analysis   

4.1 China Natural Gas Consumption Volume Analysis

4.2 China Natural Gas Consumption Volume by Province

4.3 China Natural Gas Export Analysis      

4.3.1 China Natural Gas Export Overview

4.3.2 China Natural Gas Export Analysis by Destination

4.4 China Natural Gas Downstream Consumption Structure      

4.4.1 Residential Gas

4.4.2 NGV Field 

4.4.3 Chemical Feedstock      

4.4.4 Industrial Gas  

4.4.5 Gas Power

Part 5 China Natural Gas Infrastructure Analysis        

5.1 China Natural Gas Pipeline Construction Analysis  

5.2 China Natural Gas UGS Construction Analysis

Part 6 China Natural Gas Market Forecast     

6.1 China Natural Gas Supply Forecast      

6.1.1 China Natural Gas Output Forecast   

6.1.2 China Natural Gas Import Volume Forecast    

6.2 China Natural Gas Demand Forecast  

6.3 China Natural Gas Consumption Structure Forecast

Appendix 1 Industrial Highlights

Appendix 2 Methodology and Definition 

Appendix 3 Tables, Charts and Company Names 

Appendix 4 Related Annual Reports

2022-2023 China LNG Market Annual Report

Legal Statement

Legal Statement

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