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2022-2023 China Cracking C5 Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


2022 was a memorable year for the cracking C5 industry. With the shift of global fiscal and monetary policies, China’s domestic chemical markets were strongly impacted, and the cracking C5 market was no exception. The expansion of China's cracking C5 capacity continued in 2022. It is estimated that the total capacity will be about 4.1 million mt by the end of 2022, up 21% Y-O-Y, and the growth rate is higher than that of the same period last year. With the slowdown of growth in many global economies, the downstream consumption of cracking C5 has been greatly impacted. In 2022, China's cracking C5 prices as a whole remained at a high level in the past three years, mainly driven by rising costs and favorable supply and demand pattern. However, as the price transfer of the industry chain was blocked, the growth in the price of cracking C5 was restrained. From January to August 2022, the average price spread between cracking C5 and its feedstock was RMB -269/mt, and that in the same period of 2021 was RMB 200/mt. The spread changed from positive to negative, which had a great impact on the cracking C5 industry chain.

What is the logic of the rapid rise in the price of cracking C5 in 2022? With the arrival of a new round of capacity expansion cycle, what will happen to the cracking C5 industry chain in the future? SCI 2022-2023 China Cracking C5 Market Annual Report will break through the thick fog, present you with the most detailed and comprehensive data along with most detailed market analysis. SCI will study the change of industry pattern through supply and demand balance, research industry hotspots through value chain analysis, restore the real market, and analyze and prospect the industry trends with the highest attention.

The core competitiveness of SCI 2022-2023 China Cracking C5 Market Annual Report are the continuity of data and the depth of analysis. The analysis of industrial chain and value chain helps customers analyze and study from the industry perspective and make strategic decisions. After years of accumulation and precipitation, SCI cracking C5 annual report has become a reference for many large-scale industry customers to make decisions, and the industry value has gradually increased.

Report value

1. In-depth analysis on cracking C5 supply and demand balance

2. Downstream consumption pattern variation and development highlights

3. Detailed market analysis and forecast, as well as multi-angle and all-round research on the future market development trend.

4. Comprehensive upstream and downstream markets and supply-demand analysis, and the research on the cracking C5 market from the perspective of the whole industry chain.


Part 1 Cracking C5 Market Overview

Part 2 2018-2022 Cracking C5 Supply-Demand Balance

Part 3 Cracking C5 Supply Pattern and Variation Tendency Analysis

3.1 2018-2022 China Cracking C5 Capacity Variation Analysis

3.1.1 2018-2022 China Cracking C5 Capacity Growth Analysis

3.1.2 2022 China Cracking C5 Scale Expansion Trend

3.1.3 China Cracking C5 Capacity Concentration Ratio and Capacity Layout by Region

3.1.4 2023-2027 China Cracking C5 Newly Added Capacity

3.2 2018-2022 China Cracking C5 Output and Operating Rate Variation Analysis

3.3 China Cracking C5 Storage and Logistics Status Analysis

3.4 2023 China Cracking C5 Market Supply Forecast

Part 4 China Cracking C5 Demand Pattern and Variation Tendency Analysis

4.1 China Cracking C5 Demand Variation Tendency Analysis    

4.2 China Cracking C5 Downstream Demand Structure Analysis by Industry and Region

4.3 China Cracking C5 Downstream Industry Customer Scale and Demand Variation Analysis

4.4 China Cracking C5 Major Downstream Customer Scale in Major Consumption Areas

4.5 Cracking C5 Major Downstream Industries Development Status

4.5.1 China Isoprene Industry Development Status

4.5.2 China Piperylene Industry Development Status

4.5.3 China DCPD Industry Development Status

4.5.4 China Petroleum Resin Industry Development Status

4.6 2023-2027 Cracking C5 Downstream Demand Growth Forecast

4.7 2023-2027 Cracking C5 Consumption Forecast

4.8 Cracking C5 Demand Seasonality Analysis

4.9 Downstream Purchasing Key Factor Analysis   

4.10 Operation Risk and Barrier Analysis

Part 5 Cracking C5 Price Trend Analysis

5.1 Cracking C5 Market Trend Review and Characteristic

5.2 Other C5 Markets Trend Review

5.3 Related Product Co-Movement Analysis

5.3.1 2018-2022 China Cracking C5 and Naphtha Co-Movement Analysis    

5.3.2 2018-2022 China Cracking C5 and Isoprene Co-Movement Analysis    

5.3.3 2018-2022 China Cracking C5 and Piperylene Co-Movement Analysis

5.3.4 2018-2022 China Cracking C5 and DCPD Co-Movement Analysis 

5.3.5 2018-2022 China Cracking C5 and Petroleum Resin Co-Movement Analysis   

Part 6 Cracking C5 Industry Chain Price and Price Spread Analysis

6.1 Cracking C5 Industry Chain Price Variation Analysis

6.2 Cracking C5 Industry Chain Value Variation Analysis

Part 7 Cracking C5 Industry Outlook

7.1 2023-2025 Cracking C5 Price Trend Forecast

7.2 Cracking C5 Price Drivers Development Trend Forecast

7.2.1 Influence of Macro Environment on Cracking C5

7.2.2 2023-2027 Supply-Demand Balance Forecast      

7.2.3 Cracking C5 Market Competition Analysis

7.2.4 Value Chain Analysis and Forecast

7.2.5 Related Product Co-Movement Influence Forecast  

7.3 2023 Major Price Drivers Influence Extent Analysis

Appendix 1 Cracking C5 Market Hotspots

Appendix 2 Cracking C5 Industry Annual Events      

Appendix 3 Methodology and Definition

Appendix 4 Tables and Charts     

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