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2022-2023 China HDPE Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


2022 saw challenges and breakthrough constantly such as the price hike of international crude oil at the beginning of the year, increasing complicated global economic situations and declined exports due to weakening demand caused by sluggish global economy. The environment for the HDPE industry was growingly intricate. As for the cost side, the international crude oil prices continued to stay at highs. As for the supply side, the total supply surged as China’s HDPE enterprises put much newly added capacity into production and the offers of imported resources were low. As for the demand side, the declined operating rates at some enterprises slowed down the production recovery due to the decreased downstream orders and high temperature. All the above factors exerted great impacts on the HDPE industry. Although the overall operating rate of China’s manufacturing industry recovered slowly in H2 supported by China’s policies to stabilize economy and promote development, the imbalanced growth of HDPE supply and demand as well as the structural overcapacity aggravated. How will the overall HDPE market pattern change in the future amid the complicated global economy development?

By continuously tracking the development of the industry and market changes and relying on 18 years of industry analysis experience, SCI monitors the whole process from supply to demand, from upstream to downstream, from global to China, etc. Based on the massive data and scientific analysis model, SCI constantly granulates the data and deeply interprets the driving factors of the PE market, aiming to present customers with a comprehensive and fresh perspective to the forward-looking value.

Report Value

(1) To show the changes in global HDPE trade patterns based on the analysis of HDPE supply and demand patterns in China and overseas markets

(2) To display the change trends in China’s HDPE supply pattern, based on multi-dimensional supply data regarding capacity, output, operating rate, imports and exports in the last 5 years

(3) To present the clear HDPE demand distribution for market participants through the analysis of HDPE demand structure

(4) To discover future demand growth points by analyzing HDPE key downstream industries and to grasp the key downstream procurement factors by combining the peak and off demand seasons and end-users’ procurement factors

(5) To clarify the driving factors of market price fluctuations by continuously tracking upstream and midstream inventory data

(6) To point out the direction of feedstock selection for new entrants by comparing and analyzing the cost and gross profit status of each production method


Part 1 PE Market Review

Part 2 2018-2022 HDPE Supply and Demand Balance Analysis    

Part 3 HDPE Market Supply Pattern and Change Trend Analysis 

3.1 2022 Global HDPE Capacity Layout

3.1.1 2022 Global HDPE Capacity and Layout

3.1.2 2023 Global HDPE Capacity and Output Forecast     

3.2 China HDPE Capacity Layout

3.2.1 2022 China HDPE Capacity Anaysis By Region

3.2.2 2022 China HDPE Capacity Proportion by Feedstock

3.2.3 2022 China HDPE Capacity Proportion by Enterprise Nature

3.3 China HDPE Output Analysis

3.3.1 2018-2022 China HDPE Output and Operating Rate Analysis

3.3.2 2023-2027 China HDPE Output and Operating Rate Forecast

3.4 International and China HDPE Unit Shutdown and Capacity Expansion

3.4.1 2022 China HDPE Unit Maintenance

3.4.2 2022 International HDPE Unit Maintenance

3.4.3 2022 International and China HDPE Unit Capacity Expansion

3.4.4 2023-2027 China HDPE Unit Capacity Expansion Plan

3.4.5 2023-2027 International HDPE Unit Capacity Expansion Plan     

3.5 2018-2022 China HDPE Import Review    

3.5.1 2018-2022 China HDPE Import Analysis

3.5.2 HDPE Import Analysis by Trade Partner

3.5.3 HDPE Import Analysis by Trade Mode   

3.6 HDPE Inventory Data Change Analysis     

3.6.1 2022 HDPE Inventory Analysis by Producer 

3.6.2 2022 HDPE Inventory Analysis by Trader     

3.6.3 2022 HDPE Inventory Analysis by Port  

3.7 2023 HDPE Market Supply Trend Forecast     

Part 4 HDPE Demand Pattern and Change Analysis   

4.1 2022 HDPE Demand Structure Analysis   

4.1.1 2022 Global PE Demand Structure Analysis

4.1.2 2022 China HDPE Demand Structure Analysis   

4.1.3 2022 China HDPE Demand Structure Analysis by Region

4.2 Main HDPE Downstream Industries Development 

4.2.1 2022 China Plastic Product Industry Development   

4.2.2 2022 HDPE Typical Downstream Industries Development Pipe Industry Development Blow Molding Development

4.3 2022 HDPE Export Data Analysis

4.3.1 HDPE Export Market Review     

4.3.2 Export Destination Analysis     

4.3.3 Export Market Outlook

4.4 2022 HDPE Application Analysis in Slack and Peak Seasons   

4.5 2022 HDPE Downstream User Key Procurement Factors Analysis  

4.6 2022 HDPE Operator Risk and Barrier Analysis     

4.7 2023 HDPE Demand Outlook

Part 5 HDPE Price Trend Analysis

5.1 2022 China HDPE Market Analysis    

5.2 2022 China HDPE and Related Product Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.2.1 2022 Feedstock and HDPE Spot Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.2.2 2022 China LLDPE and HDPE Spot Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.2.3 2022 China-Origin HDPE and Imported HDPE Price Spread Analysis 

Part 6 HDPE Industry Outlook    

6.1 2023-2025 HDPE Market Price Trend Forecast     

6.2 Macro Environment and Industry Policy Interpretation and Impact 

6.3 2023-2027 HDPE Supply-Demand Balance Forecast  

6.4 China HDPE Product Differentiation Development

6.5 Major China HDPE Production Methods Economical Efficiency Analysis

6.5.1 Naphtha-Based HDPE Production Profit Analysis

6.5.2 Coal-Based HDPE Production Profit Analysis     

6.5.3 Methanol-Based HDPE Production Profit Analysis   

6.6 Upstream Feedstock Price Trend Forecast

6.7 Market Competition Analysis


Appendix 1 Industry Focus

Appendix 2 Methodology and Related Definition

2.1 Data Interpretation and Methodology 

2.2 Forecasting Model Interpretation

2.3 Definition and Abbreviation  

Appendix 3 Tables and Charts    

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