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2022-2023 China PS Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In China, considerable profits in recent years have attracted market participants and arisen a new round of PS capacity expansion in 2022. SCI expects that China’s PS capacity will gain above 50% from 2021 as of the end of 2022. PS supply grew step by step this year, but the end demand for PS slid. China’s PS prices lost ground in the second half of this year as supply-demand fundamentals softened. Besides fundamentals, feedstock costs and prices of related products produced a bearish impact on PS prices. Generally, PS prices showed a topsy-turvy V-shaped trend in 2022.

In 2023, the macroeconomic situation will probably face tough challenges. PS industry will usher in intensive capacity expansion, but will new projects come online as expected with PS demand at home and abroad improving? With the expected rapid increase in domestic PS supply, how many exports will increase? How will styrene prices perform in 2023 after falling from highs? How will styrene market affect PS prices? With multiple questions, SCI’s 2022-2023 China PS Market Annual Report combs the industry pattern changes and forecasts the industry development trend through detailed and comprehensive data analysis.

The core competitive advantage of SCI’s 2022-2023 China PS Market Annual Report is vast and exhaustive raw data, which is the result of SCI analysts’ in-depth and detailed research. Based on the product itself and stretching through upstream and downstream industries of the value chain, SCI offers detailed reviews of the industry’s history and interprets the future trend in the next 3 years in order to provide our clients with a solid basis for assessing the market situation.

Report value

1. To explore the strong logic affecting price operation based on industrial chain linkage analysis

2. Facing declining profitability, whether PS companies’ self-regulation ability will improve or not

3. To deeply dig into changes in PS supply and demand patterns with detailed data support

4. Detailed and accurate supply and demand forecast data to facilitate the study and judgment for future PS industry


Part 1 China PS Market Review

Part 2 2018-2022 PS Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 PS Supply Pattern and Change Analysis

3.1 Global PS Market Supply Review

3.2 China PS Capacity Analysis

3.2.1 2018-2022 China PS Capacity Analysis

3.2.2 2022 China PS Capacity Analysis

3.2.3 2022 China PS Capacity Layout by Unit Type/Enterprise Nature/Region

3.2.4 2022 China PS Resource Flow Analysis

3.2.5 2023-2027 PS Project Commissioning Plan

3.3 China PS Industry Output and Operating Rate Analysis

3.3.1 2018-2022 China PS Output and Unit Operating Rate Analysis

3.3.2 2022 China PS Output and Unit Operating Rate Analysis

3.3.3 2022 China PS Output Concentration Ratio Analysis

3.4 China PS Import Analysis

3.4.1 2018-2022 China PS Import Volume Analysis

3.4.2 2022 China PS Import Volume Analysis

3.4.3 2022 PS Import Tariff Analysis

3.4.4 2022 PS Import Volume Analysis by Origin/Custom/Trade Mode

3.4.5 2022 Guangdong PS Import Analysis by Origin

3.4.6 2022 Zhejiang PS Import Analysis by Origin

3.5 China PS Inventory Index Analysis

3.6 PS Storage & Logistics Status Analysis

3.7 2023 PS Supply Forecast

Part 4 PS Demand Pattern and Change Analysis

4.1 2018-2022 China PS Consumption Volume Analysis

4.2 China PS Export Market Analysis

4.3 2022 PS Demand Structure Analysis

4.3.1 2022 China PS Demand Analysis by Industry

4.3.2 2022 China PS Demand Analysis by Region

4.4 PS Downstream Industry Development

4.4.1 Home Appliance Industry Analysis

4.4.2 Construction Industry Analysis

4.4.3 Packaging and Container Industry Analysis

4.4.4 Daily Necessity Industry Analysis

4.5 2023-2027 PS Downstream Consumption Growth Forecast

4.6 2023-2027 PS Consumption Volume Forecast

4.7 PS Industry Peak and Dull Seasons Analysis

4.8 Downstream Key Purchasing Factor Analysis

4.9 Operator’s Business Risk and Barrier Analysis

Part 5 PS Price Analysis

5.1 2018-2022 PS Market Trend Analysis

5.2 2022 China PS Market Analysis

5.3 PS and Related Product Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.4 2022 China PS Industry Apparent Profit Analysis

Part 6 PS Upstream Feedstock Review and Macro-Environment Development Trend

6.1 2022 International Crude Oil Market Review

6.2 2022 Styrene Market Review

6.3 2022 China Macro-Environment Development Trend

Part 7 PS Industry Development Outlook

7.1 2023-2025 PS Price Forecast

7.2 Influence Analysis of Price Drivers on 2023 PS Price

7.3 PS Major Price Driver Assessment

7.3.1 Macro-Environment Interpretation and Its Influence on PS Price

7.3.2 Influence of Industrial Policy on PS Price

7.3.3 Production Process Comparison Analysis

7.4 Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

7.5 Market Competition Analysis and Forecast

7.6 Influence of Monopolistic Competition on PS Market

7.7 Value Chain Analysis and Forecast

7.8 PS and Related Product Price Co-Movement Forecast

7.8.1 2023 International Crude Oil Price Forecast

7.8.2 2023 Styrene Price Forecast


Appendix 1 PS Industry Annual Events

Appendix 2 Methodology and Related Definition

Appendix 3 Tables, Charts and Companies

Appendix 4 Related Product Annual Reports

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Legal Statement

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