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2018-2019 China Paraffin Wax Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


As a major paraffin wax producer and exporter, China has the best international status. China’s paraffin wax resources are mainly produced by PetroChina and Sinopec. Currently, PetroChina has seen magnification in its voice in the paraffin wax market with over 80% of paraffin wax resources at its refineries. As resource volume at Sinopec decreases greatly, market influence of Sinopec is gradually reduced. Heading into 2018, as paraffin wax units ran steadily, the supply was sufficient. But with the intensification of environmental protection and rectification work in China, the downstream demand for paraffin wax kept decreasing. As a result, the imbalance between supply and demand in the paraffin wax market became intensified. Besides, with the impact of low-priced paraffin wax at India and Iran and the rising of coal to paraffin wax, China’s paraffin wax market encountered severe challenges.

Influenced by the supply-demand fundamentals and sentiment towards paraffin wax market, market prices of paraffin wax were mainly stable in 2018. China, as a major exporter of paraffin wax, had suffered from Sino-U.S. trade war this year. On the whole, the supply of paraffin wax was surplus, and market participants operated cautiously and steadily. Will there be new changes in China’s paraffin wax pattern in 2019? Will the export improve? How will the price trend of paraffin wax be?

This report is based on the original data from SCI and also composites the authoritative data from National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), General Administration of Customs (GAC), National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), etc. Besides, uniting with senior experts, state-owned refineries, traders, import and export enterprises and downstream enterprises, this report conducts detailed review of China’s paraffin wax market and analyzes the supply-demand change, price trend and the import and export dynamics of the paraffin wax market. Meanwhile, this report shows the current situation and the development tendency within the next five years of China’s paraffin wax market, which offers powerful decision-making foundation for market participants.

Report Value:

1. To present the imbalance between supply and demand in China’s paraffin wax market and help to understand the supply-demand pattern as well as variation trend through the analysis of China’s paraffin wax supply-demand pattern.

2. Help to know the production status and development trend of China’s enterprises through displaying the capacity and output at China’s producers by region in the past 5 years.

3. Help to make changes of export pattern clear through detailed analysis of the paraffin wax export market by destination, customs and trade mode.

4. To analyze the price change driven factors from different angles and objectively evaluate the conduction of paraffin wax value chain


Part 1 Paraffin Wax Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 Paraffin Wax Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 Paraffin Wax Supply Pattern and Variation Trend Analysis

3.1 2018 China Paraffin Wax Capacity Variation Trend and Reason Analysis

3.1.1 China Paraffin Wax Capacity Statistics and Layout (by region)

3.1.2 2018 China Paraffin Wax Unit Running Status

3.2 China Paraffin Wax Output and Operating Rate Analysis

3.2.1 2014-2018 Paraffin Wax Output Analysis

3.2.2 China Paraffin Wax Market Operating Rate Analysis

3.3 China Paraffin Wax Import Overview

3.3.1 2014-2018 Paraffin Wax Import Status

3.3.2 2018 Paraffin Wax Import Structure Analysis

3.4 Paraffin Wax Inventory Variation Trend and Reason Analysis

3.5 2019 Paraffin Wax Supply Forecast

3.5.1 Planned Under-Construction Project Statistics

3.5.2 2019 Capacity and Output Forecast

3.5.3 2019 Import Volume Forecast

Part 4 Paraffin Wax Demand Pattern and Variation Trend Analysis

4.1 2018 China Paraffin Wax Export Data Analysis

4.1.1 China Paraffin Wax Export Analysis (by Trade Mode)

4.1.2 China Paraffin Wax Export Analysis (by Destination)

4.1.3 China Paraffin Wax Export Analysis (by Customs)

4.1.4 China Paraffin Wax Export Enterprises Ranking

4.2 China Candles and Similar Products Export Status

4.2.1 China Candles and Similar Products Export Analysis (by Trade Mode)

4.2.2 China Candles and Similar Products Export Analysis (by Destination)

4.2.3 China Candles and Similar Products Export Analysis (by Customs)

4.2.4 China Candles Export Enterprises Ranking

4.3 China Paraffin Wax Market Consumption Structure Analysis

4.4 Downstream Industry Changes Analysis

4.5 Paraffin Wax Application Slack and Peak Seasons Analysis

4.6 Downstream Customer Procurement Key Factors Analysis

Part 5 Paraffin Wax Price Trend Analysis

5.1 China Paraffin Wax Market Price Analysis

5.1.1 Paraffin Wax Price Analysis of PetroChina’s Refineries

5.1.2 Paraffin Wax Price Analysis of Sinopec’s Refineries

5.2 Paraffin Wax International Market Review

5.2.1 2018 Asian Paraffin Wax Market Review

5.2.2 2018 European Paraffin Wax Market Review

5.2.3 2018 American Paraffin Wax Market Review

5.3 Related Product Prices Co-movement Analysis

Part 6 2019 Paraffin Wax Price Forecast and Influencing Factors Analysis

6.1 Paraffin Wax Market Driving Factors Development Trend Forecast

6.1.1 Macro Environment Interpretation and Impact

6.1.2 Impacts of Industrial/National Policies on Paraffin Wax Industry

6.1.3 Production Process Development Trend

6.1.4 Demand-Supply Balance Forecast

6.1.5 China Paraffin Wax Market Demand Pattern Forecast

6.2 Influence of Major Driving Factors on Prices in 2019

6.3 2019 Paraffin Wax Price Trend Forecast

Appendix 1 Milestones of Paraffin Wax Industry   

Appendix 2 Methodology and Related Definition

1 Methodology and Definition

1.1 Report Reliability and Statement

1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

2 Definition and Abbreviation

3 Forecasting Model Interpretation

Appendix 3 Trader List

Appendix 4 Tables & Charts

Appendix 5 Related Products Annual Reports

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Legal Statement

Legal Statement

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