Apr   19
03:43 PM
Double Coin Lorry Tire Branch Announced to Stop Pr...

Double Coin decided to shut down its lorry tire branch, for better development of the company, said the company in a letter to the staff in lorry tire br.......

Apr   11
03:34 PM
Good Performance of Natural Rubber Market in ANRPC...

The natural rubber market was believed to have performed well in Q1 2016. The total production from ANRPC members inched up slightly by 1.8%, the export .......

Apr   05
10:07 AM
Chinese Corn Marketization Reform Advancing

On March 28, Liu Xiaonan, deputy head of the Economics and Trade Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, announced that the Nationa.......

Mar   31
09:56 AM
De-capacity in the Carbon Black Industry

2016 is the first year of both China’s 13th Five Year Plan and reform of the supply front. Considering the slow investment, weak demand and decreasing e.......

Mar   30
04:49 PM
Sinochem International Jumped to the Largest NR Su...

Sinochem International (600500. SH) announced to merge and acquire Singapore Halcyon by Shanghai Securities. Halcyon is one of the five largest NR suppli.......

Chinese Methanol Market in Coastal Areas: If the Supply-demand Balance Can Continue in May?
China imported 628kt of methanol in March, increasing 120.8kt or 23.82% from February. SCI estimates that the import volume may reach 670-680kt in Apri...
Why April Fails to See a Bullish Benzene Market?
Asian and Chinese benzene markets both went higher in Q1 2016. Actually there were still several positive factors to support the Chinese benzene market...
Q1 2016 Chinese Ethanol Market: Who Wins and Who Loses ?
Chinese ethanol production was nearly 1,400kt in Q1 2016, down 8.98% year on year.
The Oil Price Hovers at Lows, and LNG Automobile Efficiency Really Exist?
The low oil price has become a normal state. Under such a climate, weather the automobile efficiency really exist deserves discussing.
CAC to Be Replaced by PMA
Environmental requirements have been growing in the past few years. It is widely believed environmental products will replace non-environmental product...
Chinese PE Import Prices in Q2 to Peak in Early May
PE import prices were on the upswing in early Q2, 2016, extending the trend in Q1. However, the import market headed down recently, subdued by receding...
Crude Oil Soft, MEG “Feel Confused”
International crude oil prices remained soft on the whole, and prices once dropped to a historical low. Floor prices for gasoline and diesel oil have b...
China Exported More Tires to EU
Due to the anti-dumping and countervailing duties imposed by the U.S., Chinese tire traders are making efforts to export more tires to the EU.
Boom Chinese NBR Market
After the continuous declines in 2015, the synthetic rubber market are moving higher in 2016. The Chinese NBR market prices have seen large increases, ...
Shandong Teapot Refineries to Enter a New Era
Teapot refineries are independently run and have relatively small capacities, which are perceived as relatively inefficient compared with their larger ...
Chinese Rubber Market Bulled
The Chinese rubber market seemed to have a good performance over past days. The price of 2014 state-owned SCRWF rose from RMB 10,725/mt to RMB 11,950/m...
Why PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Reduces SBR Production?
The 140kt/a SBR unit at PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Company realized industrial production for 1500E and 1502E in 2009 and 2011 respectively. Howeve...
2016 Chinese Polybutadiene Units Overhaul Plan
10 Chinese polybutadiene producers have unit overhual plan in 2016.
2016 Mar Chinese SBS Industry Operating Rate Survey
The average operating rate of the Chinese SBS industry was 82% in March, down by 5.7% from January and down by 2.41% from the same period of last year....
Oil and Gas Investment Opportunities Indicated by 2016 Government Work Report
Ethylene is the representative one among all the petrochemical products. The ethylene production scale, production and technology mark a country’s dev...

Chinese Methanol Emerging Downstream Fields High-end Report

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Phosphorus ore 1024.91 -3.21%
Crude benzene 848.61 2.38%
Construction steel 733.66 -2.09%
Iron ore 490.50 -1.86%
Spandex 608.25 -1.67%
Steels 742.96 -1.51%
Bitumen 504.23 1.51%
Sheet material 748.13 -1.29%
Products Weekly closing
Coal coking 815 12.51% 16.84%
Polymeric MDI 12360 5.92% 14.99%
Aluminum wire 10950 5.00% 6.62%
Electrolytic aluminium 12684 4.53% 6.93%
MTBE 5025 4.21% 0.04%
BPA 9250 4.06% 11.18%
Coal tar 1609 4.06% 6.53%
Butadiene 9800 3.96% 6.31%
Ion film caustic soda 523 3.65% 4.93%
PTA 4858 3.56% 4.05%
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