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Aug 28, 2023 20:07:51

SCI Energy Seminar 2023 Successfully Concluded in Singapore

SCI Energy Seminar 2023 Successfully Concluded in Singapore

In recent years, the stabilization and recovery of the Chinese economy have brought forth both opportunities and challenges to the global energy industry. In the context of global energy transformation, oil and gas companies must facilitate the profound integration of traditional and new energy sectors to align with the new development models of the energy industry and achieve sustainable growth.

The energy industry plays a vital role in socio-economic development, but the energy consumption structure dominated by fossil fuels has brought significant challenges such as environmental pollution and climate change. The new development model of the Chinese energy industry will be crucial in promoting global energy transformation and supporting global sustainable development. To achieve this goal, industry participants must comprehensively and systematically comprehend the profound changes in the current energy sector, paying attention to the developments and transformations from various perspectives, such as investment, production, trading, and consumption. Participants should actively promote energy transformation, contributing to the environmentally friendly, efficient, energy-saving, and sustainable growth of the energy industry.

SCI Energy Seminar 2023

Against this backdrop, SCI successfully held 2023 China Energy Seminar at the Carlton Hotel in Singapore on August 28th. More than 140 delegates from over 80 companies attended the seminar, sharing their insights on current industry hotspots, market dynamics, and the prospects of China’s oil, natural gas, and LPG markets.

Head of IBU Business Team Ms. Lindsay Xing delivered the opening speech

Ms. Lindsay Xing, Head of IBU Business Team, delivered the opening speech and expressed her gratitude to all attendees for their attendance. Additionally, she briefly introduced SCI and SCI’s data management system, outlining SCI’s complete data research system, standardized data production and release process, and stringent data supervision system. All these ensure the scientific, rigorous and standardized release of SCI data, providing reliable evidence for decision-making in the commodity industry.

SCI’s analysts James Gao, April Song and Angel Chen delivered keynote speeches on oil refining, LPG and natural gas respectively. They identified the outlook and opportunities confronting China’s oil, LPG and natural gas markets with abundant data and in-depth analysis on supply-demand fundamentals, industry highlights, and development prospects of the respective sector.

SCI analyst Mr. James Gao delivered keynote speech on oil refining

Starting with the impact of China on the global crude oil trade pattern, James Gao predicted the supply-demand balance of Chinese crude oil market in 2023. Additionally, he introduced the comprehensive profit model of integrated refining projects that SCI developed. Chinese refiners will continue to promote the sustainable development and utilization of crude oil resources in a secure, efficient, green, and low-carbon manner, helping China to transform from the “oil era” to the “new energy era”. They are bound to contribute to environmental protection and mitigation of climate changes.

SCI analyst Ms. April Song delivered keynote speech on LPG

Afterwards, April Song analyzed the light feedstock development status in China, the reasons, and its impact on LPG consumption. She also made predictions on the development of light feedstock in China.

SCI analyst Ms. Angel Chen delivered keynote speech on natural gas

After a sharp decline in demand and a dramatic winter supply scenario in 2022, China’s natural gas market recovered in 2023. Angel Chen interpreted the evolution and conducted a deep analysis of the short-term and long-term market trends.

After the two-hour speech and communication, delegates were well impressed by the in-depth insights and professionalism of SCI’s analysts, fully recognizing SCI’s reliable data and data interpretation. Representatives also expressed great interest in the Chinese energy markets’ developments.

SCI Energy Seminar 2023

All the speakers and attendees have engaged in deep and close exchanges during the informative speeches. SCI has well established its image as a professional expert on China’s commodity market, leveraging its profound insights into China’s refining, natural gas, and LPG industries, jointly exploring effective measures for promoting high-quality development of the industry.

SCI will always adhere to a neutral third-party position, recording, monitoring, and reporting the Chinese commodity market objectively, impartially, and scientifically. SCI establishes, develops, and implements methodologies and compliance requirements following the global highest standards. With paid information, data, etc. as core values, SCI will continue focusing on customer needs, to research and develop products and services for higher customer satisfaction.


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