Consultation Plan

To ensure scientificity and applicability of the price assessment method, SCI conducts external consultation periodically for the new and old methodology in accordance with the feedback, so as to improve the methodology timely. SCI’s price assessment methodology consultation plans are as follows. For more information of Commodity methodologies that are about to enter into the consultation process, please download and check the PDF file. Commodity methodologies preparing for consultation

On-going Consultation

In normal conditions, SCI has a 30-day external consultation for methodology of each commodities. The contents of consultation mainly include the questions whether the price terms affecting the price assessment in methodologies will be still in line with the current market situations etc. During the consultation, if you hold different views on the methodologies of the products, you can always give us feedback. At the end of the consultation period, SCI will gather all the feedback and publish the final results as soon as possible. (The feedback contents, which are unstated to remain confidential, will be published along with all the others.) If you want to know about the commodity methodology under consultation, please download and see the PDF file. Commodity methodologies under consultation

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Price Assessment Methodology Consultation
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