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2018-2019 China Acetone Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2018-2019 China Acetone Market Annual Report


In 2018, China’s acetone prices fluctuated upward from a relatively low level. In H2, 2018, China’s benzene and propylene prices fluctuated upward, and some phenolic ketone units experienced maintenance. Accordingly, China’s acetone prices greatly rose in H2, 2018. Up to 2018, China’s acetone capacity reached 1,580kt/a, so China’s self-sufficiency degree of acetone obviously improved.

There is newly added acetone capacity in China, how has the acetone market pattern changed? In the future, China’s acetone capacity will further expand. After the expansion, how should the market supply-demand fundamentals be balanced? How will the downstream users operate, and what changes will happen to the market? How will China’s acetone market develop in 2019, what factors will affect and restrict the market? SCI 2018-2019 China Acetone Market Annual Report will analyze these items one by one.

SCI has been engaged in the bulk commodity market analysis for 15 years. Based on the industrial data and information, this report analyzes the acetone industrial chain from the macro economy to the downstream industries. Besides, this report presents the past trend, current status and future forecast in order to provide the most valuable market analysis for the market participants.

Report value:

1 To summarize the gains and losses in the market operation process via analyzing China’s acetone market.

2 To find the future development direction via analyzing the supply-demand pattern change in China’s acetone market.

3 To analyze the acetone status in the industrial chain via comparing the value chain.

4 To forecast future acetone market in order to grasp market opportunities better and earlier.


Part 1 Acetone Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 Acetone Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 Acetone Supply Pattern and Variation Trend Analysis

3.1 Acetone Capacity Variation Trend and Reason Analysis

3.1.1 2014-2018 China Acetone Capacity Variation Analysis

3.1.2 2018 China Acetone Capacity Statistics

3.2 Acetone Output/Operating Rate Variation Trend and Reason Analysis

3.2.1 2014-2018 Output/Operating Rate Analysis

3.2.2 2018 Monthly Output/Operating Rate Analysis

3.3 2014-2018 China Acetone Import Analysis

3.4 2019 Acetone Supply Forecast

3.4.1 Planned and Under-Construction Project Statistics

3.4.2 2019 Acetone Capacity/Output Forecast

Part 4 2018 China Acetone Demand Pattern and Variation Trend Analysis

4.1 2018 China Acetone Consumption Structure Analysis by Industry

4.2 2018 China Acetone Consumption Structure Analysis by Region

4.3 2019 Acetone Downstream Consumption Growth Analysis

4.3.1 2019-2025 China BPA Capacity Expansion Statistics

4.3.2 2019-2022 China MMA Capacity Expansion Statistics

4.3.3 MIBK Capacity Expansion Statistics

4.3.4 Iso-Propanol Capacity Expansion Statistics

4.4 2019 China Acetone Consumption Volume Forecast

4.5 Acetone Application Peak and Off Seasons Analysis

4.6 Acetone Key Purchasing Factor Analysis

4.7 Operation Risk and Barrier Analysis

Part 5 Acetone Price Trend Analysis

5.1 2018 China Acetone Price Trend Analysis

5.2 2018 Acetone International Price Trend Analysis

5.3 Related Product Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.3.1 Acetone and Benzene Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.3.2 Acetone and Propylene Price Co-Movement Analysis

Part 6 2019 Acetone Industry Development Analysis

6.1 Acetone Price Driver and Future Development Tendency Forecast

6.1.1 Macro-Environment Interpretation and Influence

6.1.2 Industrial and National Policy

6.1.3 Production Technology Development Tendency

6.1.4 Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

6.1.5 Competition Analysis and Forecast

6.1.6 Value Chain Analysis and Forecast

6.2 2019 Major Price Driver Analysis

6.3 2019 China Acetone Price Trend Forecast


I. 2018 Chronicle of China’s Acetone Industrial Events

II. Methodology and Related Definition

1. Data Statistical and Calculative Methodology

2. Forecasting Model Interpretation

3. Definition and Abbreviation

III. Distributor List

IV. Tables & Charts

V. Related Products Annual Reports

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Legal Statement

Legal Statement

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