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2018-2019 China Natural Rubber Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2018-2019 China Natural Rubber Market Annual Report


The 2018 natural rubber (abbr. NR) market carried on the downtrend from 2017 and kept declining. Whether the NR futures prices would drop below RMB 10,000/mt became the hot topic in the rubber industry. The price of RU 1809 dropped close to RMB 10,000/mt within the 2018, and it had been 2 years since the last time NR futures prices decreased below RMB 10,000/mt. With the NR prices hitting bottom again, the spontaneous adjustment in the rubber industry, the launch of TSR 20, and the conversion between the previous and current market driving forces were accelerated. Owing to the optimization of industrial structure, the industry profits in 2018 also improved continuously. Although the NR price remained at a low level, the manufactures managed to make up the deficits and get surpluses within the year, and the net profit of relevant downstream enterprises increased by 10%-20% Y-O-Y.

As the structure of industry competition in recent years has shifted from decentralized competition to collectivized competition. The concentration and oligopoly of NR production and trading enterprises, the merger and reorganization of downstream rubber enterprises and the survival of the fittest have accelerated. The ability to resist market risks and price fluctuations has been strengthened. However, under the circumstances of policy, shift of inventory cycle and high peripheral risks, the NR industry is faced with a more complex environment, and the impact of the macro environment on NR market will be increasingly greater. SCI estimates that the NR market will fluctuate at lows for the next 5 years, which is from 2019-2023, and the value regression process will continue after a balance is reached between the supply and demand.

2018-2019 China Natural Rubber Annual Report will integrate the big data of NR market, including domestic and foreign official statistical data, customs data, industry authoritative data and historical data, etc., analyze NR market thoroughly, and build a three-dimensional market framework. This annual report is based on serving manufacturing enterprises, traders, processing manufacturing enterprises and investors, reflecting the annual market trends, pointing out the price-driven factors, scientifically analyzing the future trends, and grasping the latest development opportunities in the industry. 

Report Value:

1. To integrate the big data of NR market and comprehensively present the supply and demand pattern and the international influence of Chinese market.

2. To focus on the co-movement relationship between upstream and downstream data, compare the planting and production status in the major producing countries, visualize supply characteristics, and interpret the inventory changes and correlation research.

3. To conduct a detailed analysis of import dependence, elaborate the import trade mode and imported rubber variety and represent China’s NR import pattern.

4. To conduct a three-dimensional analysis of the demand market via more comprehensive and abundant downstream and terminal data, which can be traced to the specific enterprises. The NR downstream industry and the extension of industrial chain will be demonstrated.

5. To forecast the development of NR industry by using scientific analysis and research methods, multidimensional and modular combination analysis including supply, demand, macro-economy, policies and changes in substitution products, etc.

6. To analysis the market condition and peripheral environment of TSR 20 by additional researches on the hot topics, so as to help the market players understand new market changes and trends in advance.


Part 1 NR Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 NR Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 NR Supply Pattern and Change Trend Analysis

3.1 Global NR Market Supply Pattern Analysis

3.2 China NR Market Supply Pattern Analysis

   3.2.1 China NR Planting Area Change and Analysis

   3.2.2 China NR Output Change Analysis

   3.2.3 China NR Inventory and Warehouse Logistics Status Analysis

3.3 China NR Import Market Analysis

   3.3.1 China NR Import Volume Change Analysis

   3.3.2 China NR Import Structure Analysis

   3.3.3 China NR Import Trend Analysis

3.4 2019 NR Supply Forecast

   3.4.1 Major Producing Countries NR Planting Area Growth Forecast

   3.4.2 2019 Global and Major Producing Countries Output Forecast

   3.4.3 2019 China NR Import Volume Forecast

Part 4 NR Market Demand Pattern and Change Trend Analysis

4.1 China NR Actual Consumption Volume Change Trend and Reason Analysis

4.2 China NR Downstream Industry Analysis (including Downstream Customer Scale and Demand Change Analysis)

   4.2.1 2018 China NR Consumption Proportion by Industry

   4.2.2 Change Trend of Industry Consumption Structure Proportion in the Past Five Years and Reason Analysis

   4.2.3 China Tire and Other Rubber Industry Capacity Expansion Statistics

   4.2.4 China Automobile and Logistic Transportation Industry Status Analysis

4.3 China NR Consumption Analysis by Region

   4.3.1 2018 China NR Consumption Analysis by Region

   4.3.2 Change Trend of Region Consumption Structure Proportion in the Past Five Years and Reason Analysis

4.4 2019 NR Consumption Forecast

   4.4.1 NR Consumption Peak and Off Season Analysis

   4.4.2 Downstream Procurement Key Influencing Factors Analysis

   4.4.3 Market Operator (Manufacturers and Traders) Operation Risks and Barriers Analysis

Part 5 NR Price Trend Analysis

5.1 2018 NR Market Review

5.2 2018 NR Price Trend Analysis

5.2.1 China NR Market Price Trend Analysis

   5.2.2 Global Market Price Trend Analysis and China Market Co-Movement Analysis

   5.2.3 NR Futures and Spot Price Spread Analysis

   5.2.4 Related Products Price Co-Movement Analysis

Part 6 2019 NR Industry Trend Forecast

6.1 2019 NR Market Development Trend Analysis

6.2 2019-2021NR Market Supply-Demand Pattern Development Analysis and Forecast (Supply-Demand Balance List)

   6.2.1 NR Market Supply Pattern Forecast

   6.2.2 NR Market Demand Pattern Forecast

6.3 Analysis of Factors Influencing the Price Trend in the Next Five Years

   6.3.1 Analysis of NR Price Influencing Factors via Michael Porter's Five Forces Model

   6.3.2 Macro-Economy and Industrial Policy PEST Analysis

   6.3.3 Related Competitive Products SWOT Analysis

   6.3.4 NR Industrial Chain Value Conduction Analysis

6.4 Future Price Influencing Factor List


1 NR Market Hot Topics

2 NR Market Annual Events

3 Methodology and Related Definition

3.1 Methodology and Definition

   3.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement

   3.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

3.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

   3.2.1 Geographic term

   3.2.2 Product Name and Abbreviation

3.3 Forecast Model Interpretation

4 Distributors List

5 Table & Charts

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Legal Statement

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