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2018-2019 China EPDM Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In 2018, various unforeseeable factors such as the Sino-U.S. trade war, the great depreciation of RMB and the upsurge in feedstock prices obviously lifted China’s ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) market in H2, 2018. EPDM market prices first decreased and then rallied in 2018. Therein, from January to June 2018, EPDM market prices were stable-to-dropping; since July 2018, EPDM market prices had been going up due to various bullish factors; up to the beginning of August, market prices of most grades closed at high prices which were higher from early 2018. There are newly-added EPDM units being put into production in Q1 and Q4, 2018 on a global basis. The Newly-added capacity is expected to be 300kt/a.

In 2019, supply-demand fundamentals and costs will exert relatively great influence on China’s EPDM market. On the one hand, prices of ethylene and propylene will fluctuate within a narrow range. The depreciation of RMB may continue to exist, but the range of the devaluation of RMB may be smaller than that in H2 2018. Besides, RMB costs of U.S.-origin resources are likely to increase under Sino-U.S. trade friction. On the other hand, the end demand for EPDM may be stable-to-rising. Besides, costs will give support to EPDM market, and EPDM units which are put into production in early stage may gradually operate normally. Therefore, the supply of EPDM will increase. But the increase in EPDM supply may exert slight influence on the decrease in EPDM prices.

In term of the original data from Sublime China Information Co., Ltd. (abbr. as SCI) and authoritative data from National Bureau of Statics, General Administration of Customs and industry statistics, this report analyzes the EPDM market in detail from supply-demand and price, etc. according to the situation of Chinese suppliers, traders and larger downstream producers. The historical data in the report can be traced back to five years ago, with a reliable source and accurate analysis. Based on the current situation, SCI makes the prediction of China’s EPDM market combined with SCI data analysis model and market participants’ experience, etc.

Report Value:

1. Help to grasp EPDM market supply through presenting global EPDM capacity and the operation status of some units in 2018.

2. Allow to seize the market situation accurately through supply-demand analysis and forecast of China’s EPDM market.

3. To make events clear enough through the selective analysis of yearly events and highlights.

4. Help to forecast future EPDM market through comprehensively analyzing the driving factors in EPDM price and interpreting the individual or joint effects on EPDM market.


Part 1 EPDM Market Overview  

Part 2 2014-2018 EPDM Supply-Demand Balance Analysis     

Part 3 EPDM Supply Pattern and Variation Trend Analysis     

3.1 2018 Global EPDM Capacity Layout       

3.2 China EPDM Supply Overview       

3.3 China EPDM Output Analysis

3.3.1 2014-2018 China EPDM Output and Operating Rate Analysis

3.3.2 2019-2023 China EPDM Output and Operating Rate Forecast

3.3.3 2019 EPDM Capacity and Output Forecast        

3.4 2014-2018 China EPDM Import Overview    

3.4.1 2014-2018 China EPDM Import Analysis   

3.4.2 EPDM Import Analysis (by Origin)     

3.4.3 EPDM Import Analysis (by Customs)

3.4.4 EPDM Import Analysis (by Trade Mode)           

3.5 Global EPDM Unit Shutdown and Capacity Expansion Status   

3.5.1 2018 EPDM Unit Shutdown for Maintenance Status       

3.5.2 2018 Global EPDM Unit Capacity Expansion Status 

3.5.3 2019-2023 China EPDM Unit Capacity Expansion Plan     

3.6 2019 EPDM Supply Forecast  

Part 4 EPDM Demand Structure and Variation Trend Analysis       

4.1 2018 China EPDM Consumption Analysis     

4.1.1 2018 China EPDM Consumption Volume Analysis   

4.1.2 2018 China EPDM Application Field Analysis    

4.2 2018 China EPDM Export Data Analysis        

4.2.1 China EPDM Export Market Review 

4.2.2 China EPDM Export Market Outlook

4.3 2019 China EPDM Demand Forecast

4.4 EPDM Application Slack and Peak Seasons Analysis

4.5 Downstream Customer Procurement Key Factors Analysis

Part 5 EPDM Market Price Trend Analysis

5.1 2018 Chinese-made EPDM Market Review

5.1.1 2018 Chinese-made EPDM Market Review      

5.1.2 2018 China EPDM Gross Profit Analysis    

5.2 2018 EPDM Import Market Review      

5.2.1 2018 China Imported EPDM USD Market Review   

5.2.2 2017 China Imported EPDM RMB Market Review

5.3 2018 Related Product Prices Co-movement Analysis

Part 6 2019 EPDM Market Trend Outlook

6.1 EPDM Future Price Trend Influencing Factors Evaluation and Trend Forecast        

6.2 Macro Environment Interpretation and Influence     

6.3 2019-2023 China EPDM Market Supply-Demand Balance Forecast 

6.4 EPDM Supply-Demand Fundamentals Analysis and Forecast  

6.4.1 Automobile Industry

6.4.2 Polymer Modification Industry 

6.4.3 Other EPDM Application Fields

6.5 EPDM Upstream Feedstock Market Analysis and Forecast       

6.5.1 Crude Oil Market Analysis and Forecast   

6.5.2 Ethylene Market Analysis and Forecast Ethylene Market Supply Analysis and Forecast Ethylene Market Price Analysis and Forecast

6.5.3 Propylene Market Analysis and Forecast Propylene Market Supply Analysis and Forecast Propylene Market Price Analysis and Forecast

Appendix 1 Milestones of EPDM Industry        

Appendix 2 Methodology and Related Definition  

Appendix 3 Tables and Charts    

Appendix 4 Related Product Annual Reports  

2018-2019 China Ethylene Market Annual Report

2018-2019 China Propylene Market Annual Report

Legal Statement

Legal Statement

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