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2018-2019 China IIR Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


Market prices of IIR kept going higher in 2018, so the profit of producers was passable. The supply of Chinese-made IIR from producers was limited. Both price hikes in the feedstock markets and the anti-dumping measures against the imported HIIR provided a strong support to the IIR market. The units at Panjin Heyun Industrial and Formosa Synthetic Rubber (Ningbo) Corporation were in long-term shutdown. Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Company, Zhejiang Cenway New Synthetic Materials and Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals were constantly developing their markets. Foreign producers like ExxonMobil and Reliance Industries continued to enlarge the global IIR industry layout. Besides, LANXESS sold out its shares of ARLANXEO to Saudi Aramco and withdrew from the rubber industry. The uncertainty in global IIR market was intensified.

China’s regular IIR’s import dependence degree was about 50%, while HIIR’s was around 70%. With the final ruling of the HIIR anti-dumping investigation being released, the supply-demand fundamentals will be sure to change. How should domestic producers respond to the market competition? How should downstream manufacturers choose the source of supply? All these will become a hot topic to discuss.

Combing the original data of SCI and the authoritative data from China’s National Bureau of Statistics, the General Administration of Customs and industry statistics, this report reviews the regular IIR market and the HIIR market respectively in 2018, including supply, demand, import, export, upstream market and so on. Based on reliable data source, the historical data can be tracked back to five years ago, which can be used as important reference information for IIR project investments, market condition and outlook analysis, customer development, etc.

Report value:

1. Present China’s IIR capacity and output in the past five years, which allows customers to have a clear sense of China’s IIR industry status and development trends.

2. IIR’s import dependence degree stays at highs. Analyze the import IIR market by origin to reveal a detailed import pattern virtually.

3. Elaborate the industry hotspot in depth—the whole story of anti-dumping investigation and its effects.

4. Analyze the upstream and downstream markets of butyl rubber to understand the cost of butyl rubber and changes in downstream demand.

5. Analyze the driving factors of IIR prices and evaluate the IIR value chain conduction objectively.










Part 1 IIR Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 IIR Supply & Demand Balance Analysis        

Part 3 IIR Supply Pattern Analysis      

3.1 2018 Global IIR Capacity Distribution Pattern

3.2 China IIR Capacity and Distribution

3.3 China IIR Output Analysis      

3.3.1 2014–2018 China IIR Output and Operating Rate Analysis

3.4 China IIR Units Shutdown and Capacity Expansion Status

3.4.1 2018 China IIR Units Turnaround Status

3.4.2 2019–2023 China IIR Units’ Capacity Expansion Plans

3.5 2014–2018 China IIR Import Overview

3.6 2019 China IIR Supply Outlook

3.6.1 2019-2023 Regular IIR Supply Forecast

3.6.2 2019-2023 HIIR Supply Forecast

Part 4 China IIR Demand Pattern & Change Trend Analysis   

4.1 2018 China IIR Consumption Analysis  

4.1.1 2018 China IIR Consumption Volume Analysis

4.1.2 2018 China IIR Consumption Fields Analysis

4.2 2018 China IIR Export Data Analysis

4.2.1 IIR Export Market Overview

4.2.2 IIR Export Market Outlook

4.3 2019 China IIR Demand Forecast

4.4 IIR Application Slack and Peak Seasons Analysis

4.5 Downstream Users’ Key Purchasing Factors Analysis

Part 5 2018 IIR Market Price Trend Analysis

5.1 2018 China IIR Market Review

5.1.1 2018 China IIR Market Price Analysis

5.1.2 2018 China IIR Producers’ Gross Profit Analysis

5.2 Imported IIR Market Review

5.2.1 2018 China Regular IIR Market Trend Review

5.2.2 2018 China HIIR Market Trend Review

5.3 2018 International IIR Market Review

5.3.1 2018 Regular IIR International Market Review

5.3.2 2018 HIIR International Market Review

5.4 2018 IIR Related Product Co-Movement Analysis

Part 6 2018 IIR Market Price Forecast and Influencing Factors Analysis

6.1 IIR Market Price Trend Forecast and Influencing Factors Evaluation

6.2 Macro-Economic Environment Interpretation and Impact       

6.3 IIR Upstream Feedstock Market Analysis

6.3.1 2018 Crude Oil Market Trend Analysis

6.3.2 2018 MTBE Market Analysis

6.3.3 China Isoprene Market Analysis

6.4 2019–2023 China IIR Supply & Demand Balance Pattern Forecast

6.4.1 Regular IIR Market Supply and Demand Balance Analysis

6.4.2 HIIR Market Supply and Demand Balance Analysis



1. IIR Industry Annual High Spots

2. Methodology & Related Definition      

2.1 Methodology & Definition      

2.2 Forecast Model Introduction 

2.3 Definition & Abbreviation       

3. Charts and Tables

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