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2022-2023 China PVC Powder Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


China’s PVC powder market prosperity showed a downturn in 2022 amid soft macro-environment and increasing fundamental pressure, and PVC powder market prices declined gradually from RMB 9,500/mt to around RMB 6,000/mt. In terms of supply, PVC powder inventory at producers stayed high with slack sales, and calcium carbide-based PVC powder companies began to face severer profit losses in Q3, 2022. On the demand side, PVC powder downstream finished products companies had sparse orders and ran units at low operating rates with the real estate market weakening continuously, so they also showed poor appetites in procuring feedstock. PVC powder industry encountered softer off season and weak peak season. In H1 of 2022, China’s PVC powder export market performed strongly under the influence of geopolitics and high international crude oil values, which made up for the weakness of domestic demand to a certain extent. But the export market weakened in the second half of 2022. For macro-environment, the Fed raised interest rates continuously, and China’s economy faced high downward pressure, putting a dampener on commodity markets.

SCI has above ten-year experience in bulk commodity research and comprehensively monitors PVC powder production, consumption and social inventory. In terms of writing ideas, SCI analysts pay attention to the characteristics of big data, supply and demand relationship and bright spots. In terms of expression, SCI’s 2022-2023 China PVC Powder Market Annual Report represents the PVC powder industry development in 2022 more vividly through 50-60 PVC powder data charts. Meanwhile, the report analyzes the annual characteristics and trend changes of the industry concisely, so as to help customers realize their understanding and in-depth study of PVC powder industry.

Report value

1. To reflect China’s PVC powder supply-demand pattern comprehensively via capacity, output, demand, import, export and inventory data in the past 5 years.

2. To make you access to the whole PVC powder industrial chain through fully presenting the situation of upstream feedstock and related products.

3. To analyze driving factors of price change from multi-angles and objectively evaluate the PVC powder periodic variation rule.

4. To compare advantages and disadvantages of companies in regions by analyzing the unit integration at PVC powder companies.

5. To forecast 5-year supply-demand pattern and 3-year PVC powder price trend, providing a strong basis for clients to make decisions.


Part 1 PVC Powder Market Overview

Part 2 2018-2022 China PVC Powder Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 PVC Powder Supply Pattern and Variation Trend Analysis

3.1 2022 Global PVC Powder Supply Analysis

3.1.1 Global PVC Powder Capacity and Output Analysis

3.1.2 2022 Global PVC Powder Flow Analysis

3.2 2018-2022 China PVC Powder Capacity Variation Analysis

3.2.1 2018-2022 PVC Powder Capacity Variation Trend Analysis

3.2.2 2022 PVC Powder Capacity Layout by Region

3.2.3 2022 PVC Powder Capacity Layout by Production Process

3.2.4 2022 Newly Added PVC Powder Capacity

3.3 2018-2022 China PVC Powder Output and Operating Rate Variation Analysis

3.3.1 2018-2022 PVC Powder Output and Operating Rate Variation Trend Analysis

3.3.2 2022 PVC Powder Output and Operating Rate Variation Analysis

3.3.3 2022 PVC Powder Output Analysis by Region

3.4 China PVC Powder Import Market Variation Analysis

3.4.1 2018-2022 China PVC Powder Import Volume Variation Trend Analysis

3.4.2 2022 China PVC Powder Import Structure Analysis

3.5 PVC Powder Inventory Variation Trend Analysis

3.5.1 2018-2022 PVC Powder Sample Inventory Variation Analysis in East China and South China

3.5.2 2022 PVC Powder Sample Inventory Variation Analysis

3.6 2022 China PVC Powder Supply Integration Analysis

3.7 2023-2027 China PVC Powder Market Supply Forecast

3.7.1 2023-2027 Newly Constructed PVC Projects

3.7.2 2022 PVC Powder Capacity and Output Forecast

Part 4 PVC Powder Demand Structure and Variation Trend Analysis

4.1 2018-2022 China PVC Powder Consumption Volume Analysis

4.2 China PVC Powder Export Market Variation Analysis

4.2.1 2018-2022 China PVC Powder Export Volume Variation Trend Analysis

4.2.3 2022 China PVC Powder Export Structure Analysis

4.3 PVC Powder Downstream Consumption Structure Analysis

4.4 PVC Powder Downstream Consumption Structure Analysis by Region

4.5 PVC Powder Industry Peak and Slack Season Analysis

4.6 PVC Powder Downstream Industry Development Characteristics Analysis

4.7 2023-2027 PVC Powder Downstream Consumption Growth Forecast

4.8 2023-2027 PVC Powder Consumption Volume Forecast

4.9 PVC Downstream User’s Key Purchasing Factor Analysis

4.10 PVC Powder Operator’s Business Risk Analysis

Part 5 PVC Powder Price Trend Analysis

5.1 2018-2022 China PVC Powder Market Price Trend Analysis

5.2 2018-2022 PVC Powder Futures Price and Spot Price Comparison Analysis

5.3 2018-2022 PVC Powder Profit Comparison Analysis in Major Producing Areas

5.4 2018-2022 Caustic Soda Price Trend Analysis

5.5 2022 Caustic Soda-Based PVC Powder Integration Unit Profit Analysis

5.6 2018-2022 Calcium Carbide and PVC Powder Price Co-Movement Analysis

Part 6 2022 PVC Powder Industry Outlook

6.1 PVC Powder Industry Drivers and Development Trend Forecast

6.1.1 Macro-Environment Interpretation and Its Effect on PVC Powder Market

6.1.2 PVC Powder Industry Policy Interpretation and Forecast

6.1.3 2022-2026 China PVC Powder Supply-Demand Pattern Forecast

6.1.4 Calcium Carbide and PVC Powder Price Co-Movement Forecast

6.1.5 PVC Powder Market Competition Analysis and Forecast

6.2 2023 PVC Powder Price Drivers Assessment

6.3 2023-2025 PVC Powder Price Trend Forecast

6.4 PVC Powder Industry Value Chain Analysis

Appendix 1 PVC Powder Bright Spots

Appendix 2 PVC Powder Annual Highlights

Appendix 3 Methodology and Related Definition

Appendix 4 Tables, Charts and Companies

Legal Statement

Legal Statement

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