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2022-2023 China PBR Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


China’s PBR market prices fluctuated within RMB 3,000/mt from January to August. The rising crude oil prices exerted relatively heavy cost pressure on the industrial chain, and some PBR units underwent maintenance or shutdown. Therefore, the overall PBR price was relatively high. However, the cost and supply failed to facilitate the PBR market continuously, and the price increase was hindered several times amid lukewarm downstream demand.

The PBR market will probably continue to have both challenges and opportunities in 2023. Homogeneous competition among tire feedstock is predicted to become severer as China expands PBR capacity, and by virtue of environmental-friendly performance, NDBR is likely to gain more market attention. Besides, demand for LCBR is predicted to continue ramping up as the downstream ABS and HIPS industries expand capacity. How will the PBR supply pattern change? Can breakthroughs be found in 2023 to handle the tough sales at home and abroad? SCI’s 2022-2023 China PBR Market Annual Report will explain with thorough and comprehensive analysis, so as to reveal the changes in the PBR industry structure and foresee future new trends.

SCI grasps the trend of the industry and conducts a multidimensional analysis of the market based on sufficient data and prediction methodologies accumulated in the past 18 years. This report predicts future opportunities and provides development solutions according to the analysis of prices, output, profits, imports and exports, and helps to grasp the market direction, avoid risks and realize benefits in the new market environment.

Report value

1. Comprehensive interpretations of China’s PBR supply-demand pattern and multidimensional presentation of the past five years’ supply and demand data.

2. Comprehensive analysis of changes in China’s NDBR and LCBR supply and demand to learn the market orientation.

3. Multidimensional analysis of price drivers and objective assessment of the PBR value chain.

4. Analysis of the PBR industry chain data and insights on the market development potentials and demand sustainability.

5. Projections of the PBR market development trend via analysis of macro and industrial policies.


Part 1 2022 PBR Market Overview

Part 2 2018-2022 PBR Supply-Demand Balance Analysis       

Part 3 2018-2022 PBR Supply Pattern and Change Trend Analysis     

3.1 2022 Global PBR Capacity Change Analysis   

3.2 2018-2022 China PBR Capacity Change Trend and Reason Analysis

3.3 2018-2022 China PBR Output, Operating Rate Change Trend and Reason Analysis

3.4 2018-2022 China PBR Import Analysis

3.4.1 2022 China PBR Import Analysis by Origin

3.4.2 2022 China PBR Import Analysis by Registration Place

3.4.3 2022 China PBR Import Analysis by Trade Mode

3.5 2018-2022 PBR Inventory Change Trend and Analysis

3.6 PBR Supply Integration Analysis

3.7 2023 PBR Supply Forecast

3.8 2023-2027 China Newly Added PBR Capacity

Part 4 2018-2022 PBR Demand Pattern and Change Trend Analysis

4.1 2018-2022 China Actual PBR Consumption Volume Change Trend and Reason Analysis

4.2 2018-2022 China PBR Export Analysis

4.2.1 2022 China PBR Export Analysis by Destination

4.2.2 2022 China PBR Export Analysis by Registration Place

4.2.3 2022 China PBR Export Analysis by Trade Mode

4.3 2018-2022 China PBR Consumption Structure Analysis by Industry

4.4 2018-2022 China PBR Consumption Structure Analysis by Region

4.5 2018-2022 China PBR Downstream Scale and Demand Change Analysis

4.6 2022 China Major Downstream Industries PBR Customer Size Analysis in Key Areas     

4.7 2023-2027 China PBR Consumption Volume Forecast

4.8 PBR Consumption Peak and Slack Season Analysis    

4.9 PBR Downstream User Procurement Key Influencing Factor Analysis

4.10 PBR Operating Risk and Barrier Analysis

Part 5 2018-2022 PBR Price Trend Analysis

5.1 2018-2022 China PBR Price Trend Analysis

5.2 2018-2022 International PBR Price Trend Analysis

5.3 2018-2022 PBR Related Product Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.3.1 2018-2022 PBR and Butadiene Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.3.2 2018-2022 PBR, SBR and Natural Rubber Price Co-Movement Analysis

Part 6 2022 PBR Industry Outlook

6.1 Influence of Macro-Environment on PBR Market

6.2 Influence of Industrial Policy on PBR Market  

6.3 2023-2027 China PBR Supply-Demand Balance Forecast 

6.4 Competition Analysis and Forecast

6.5 Influence of Oligopoly Market on Product Pricing

6.6 PBR Value Chain Analysis and Forecast   

6.7 Related Product Price Co-Movement Influence Forecast    

6.8 Influence Extent Analysis of 2023 Major PBR Price Drivers

6.9 2023-2025 PBR Price Trend Forecast

Part 7 China NDBR Market Overview and Forecast

7.1 China NDBR Supply Analysis

7.1.1 2018-2022 China NDBR Capacity Analysis

7.1.2 2018-2022 China NDBR Output Analysis

7.1.3 2018-2022 China NDBR Operating Rate Analysis

7.1.4 2023-2027 China NDBR Capacity Forecast

7.2 China NDBR Price Analysis

7.2.1 2018-2022 China NDBR Price Analysis

7.2.2 2018-2022 China NDBR Import Price Analysis

7.2.3 2023 China NDBR Price Forecast

7.3 China NDBR Consumption Analysis

7.3.1 2022 China NDBR Consumption Volume Analysis

7.3.2 2023 China NDBR Consumption Volume Forecast

Part 8 China LCBR Market Overview and Forecast

8.1 China LCBR Supply Analysis

8.1.1 2018-2022 China LCBR Capacity Analysis

8.1.2 2018-2022 China LCBR Output Analysis

8.1.3 2018-2022 China LCBR Operating Rate Analysis

8.1.4 2023-2027 China LCBR Capacity Forecast

8.2 China LCBR Price Analysis

8.2.1 2018-2022 China LCBR Price Analysis

8.2.2 2018-2022 China LCBR Import Price Analysis

8.2.3 2023 China LCBR Price Forecast

8.3 China LCBR Consumption Analysis

8.3.1 2022 China LCBR Consumption Volume Analysis

8.3.2 2023 China LCBR Consumption Volume Forecast

Appendix 1 PBR Industry Hotspots

Appendix 2 Methodology and Definition

Appendix 3 Tables, Charts and Enterprises

Appendix 4 Related Annual Reports

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Legal Statement

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