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2022-2023 China LNG Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In 2022, the geopolitical crisis continued influencing the global natural gas market as well as China’s domestic LNG market. On the one hand, the plummeted spot LNG import changed the domestic LNG market supply pattern, and on the other hand, the soaring oil and gas prices pushed up the import cost. The tight piped gas supply propped up the feedgas price, and high spot LNG price pinned terminal truck loading prices at highs. Propelled by those factors, China’s domestic LNG price remained buoyant at high levels throughout the year.

Facing the tight supply, high prices, public health event, and pressure from slowing down macroeconomy, China’s LNG sector faced challenges from the upstream suppliers to the downstream users. The demand was suppressed at lows, adding uncertainties to the short-term view of the LNG market. However, the LNG sector’s potential is still promising under the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2030 carbon peak vision, and accordingly, new LNG plants and terminals were intensively commissioned against the bearish market atmosphere.

How long will this disordered market pattern continue? When will the LNG price come back to a normal level? What’s the future of China’s LNG import? SCI’s 2022-2023 China LNG Market Annual Report will explain with comprehensive analysis to reveal the challenges and opportunities in China’s LNG industry and foresee future new trends.

The core competitiveness of SCI’s 2022-2023 China LNG Market Annual Report is the comprehensive and detailed raw data. The annual report is the result of SCI’s in-depth and meticulous research on China’s LNG market as well as its upstream and downstream sectors. Besides detailed reviewing the 5-year historical data, SCI also interprets and analyzes changes in the LNG industry in the next three years, providing a strong basis for subscribers to make decisions.

Report value

1. Review China’s LNG supply & demand patterns and price trend in 2022 and analyze key factors of the market moves and future developments.

2. Forecast the future market tendency on a weighted basis of fundamentals, policies and other influencing factors.

3. Focus on the domestic LNG industrial chain and companies to spot opportunities and potential risks.


Part 1 China LNG Market Overview

Part 2 2018-2022 China LNG Market Supply-Demand Balance

Part 3 China LNG Market Supply Analysis

3.1 China LNG Plant Capacity Analysis

3.1.1 China LNG Plant Capacity Concentration Ratio

3.1.2 China LNG Plant Capacity Regional Layout

3.1.3 2022 China LNG Market Trading Flow

3.1.4 2022 China Newly Added LNG Plant Capacity

3.2 China LNG Plant Production Analysis

3.3 China LNG Import Capacity Analysis

3.4 China LNG Import Volume Analysis

3.5 China LNG Terminal Truck Loading Volume Analysis

3.6 China LNG Inventory and Logistics Analysis

3.7 China LNG Supply Forecast

3.7.1 China Newly-Added LNG Plant Capacity Forecast

3.7.2 China Newly-Added LNG Terminal Receiving Capacity Forecast

3.7.3 2022 China LNG Plant Production Forecast

3.7.4 2022 China LNG Terminal Import Volume Forecast

3.7.5 2022 China LNG Terminal Truck Loading Volume Forecast

Part 4 China LNG Demand Analysis

4.1 China LNG Consumption Volume Analysis

4.2 China LNG Consumption Structure Analysis

4.3 China LNG Consumption Regional Layout Analysis

4.4 2023-2027 China LNG Consumption Structure Forecast

4.5 2023-2027 China LNG Consumption Volume Forecast

4.6 China LNG Consumption Seasonality Analysis

4.7 Downstream Purchase Key Factors Analysis

Part 5 China LNG Price Tendency Analysis

5.1 China LNG Price Analysis

5.1.1 China LNG Ex-Works Price Analysis

5.1.2 China LNG Market Price Analysis

5.1.3 China LNG Import Price Analysis

5.2 Global LNG Price Analysis

Part 6 China LNG Business Condition Analysis

6.1 China LNG Plant Business Condition Analysis

6.1.1 China LNG Plant Gross Profit Analysis

6.1.2 China LNG Plant Operating Rate Analysis

6.2 China LNG Terminal Business Condition Analysis

6.2.1 China LNG Terminal Utilization Rate Analysis

6.2.2 China LNG Terminal Inventory Analysis

Part 7 2023-2025 China LNG Industry Outlook

7.1 2023-2025 China LNG Price Trend Outlook

7.2 LNG Price Drivers and Development Outlook

7.2.1 Macro Environment

7.2.2 Industrial Policy

7.2.3 2023-2025 China LNG Supply and Demand Balance Outlook

7.2.4 China LNG Market Competition Pattern Analysis

7.3 Influential Strength Outlook of Key Drivers on 2023-2025 China LNG Price

Appendix 1 Industrial Highlights

Appendix 2 Methodology and Definition

Appendix 3 Tables, Charts and Company Names

Appendix 4 Related Annual Reports

2022-2023 China Natural Gas Market Annual Report

Legal Statement

Legal Statement

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