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2022-2023 China LPG Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2022-2023 China LPG Market Annual Report


On the backdrop of high international crude oil prices in 2022, China’s LPG prices once surpassed RMB 7,500/mt in March, hitting a new high since 2014. After that, China’s LPG prices fluctuated downward, and importers even experienced profit losses.

China’s LPG output rose steadily, so did the LPG import volume. At the same time, refining-chemical integration projects exerted notable impacts on China’s LPG commercial volume. With the product structure adjustment, China’s LPG commercial volume changed notably, and the monthly commercial volume of one refinery once surpassed 100kt. In H2, 2022, the commissioning of the refining-chemical integration project at Shenghong Petrochemical will probably change China’s LPG supply and logistics patterns. In H1, 2022, China’s LPG import volume reached 12,700kt, hitting a new high level. Therein, the chemical-use demand proportion was rising in China’s LPG import.

Meanwhile, the civil-use gas demand gradually shrank, and profits from deep-processing production performed well temporarily. Therein, alkylation unit profits were stable-to-rising, and profits from iso-butane dehydrogenation MTBE production improved notably. Moreover, the capacity of units with chemical products further expanded, but unit profits narrowed. Therein, PDH unit profits remained negative for a long time, and profits from MA production became negative. Given the high international crude oil prices and supply-demand imbalance, China’s LPG market experienced severer pressure.

Based on SCI’s detailed and objective market monitoring data, this report brings comprehensive industrial chain knowledge and information of China’s LPG industry and market, including the past and the next five years. From multiple perspectives, this report offers scientific data, market change and decision-making foundation for market participants.

Report value:

1 This report provides data about LPG supply-demand fundamentals, based on long-term LPG output, import volume, inventory, demand volume, demand distribution, etc.

2 This report analyzes LPG industry development characteristics and for the reference of participants, based on comprehensive and detailed data.

3 This report analyzes historical LPG price data in the past five years and the future driving factors of price change from multiple angles and forecasts the future development.

4 This report analyzes LPG spot and futures price trends and provides logical relationship of spot and futures price changes for industrial and non-industrial customers.

5 This report analyzes the upstream and downstream demand and the future unit distribution, and market participants can comprehend the value distribution and variation trend of the industrial chain.

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Part 1 China LPG Market Overview

Part 2 2018-2022 China LPG Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 LPG Supply Pattern and Change Trend Analysis    

3.1 2022 Global LPG Supply Pattern Analysis

3.2 2018-2022 China LPG Output Analysis

3.3 LPG Import Market Analysis

3.3.1 2018-2022 China LPG Import Data Analysis

3.3.2 2022 China Newly Added Imported Resource Analysis

3.3.3 2022 China LPG Import Change Analysis by Region

3.4 LPG Inventory Data Analysis

3.4.1 LPG Refinery Inventory Analysis

3.4.2 LPG Port Inventory Analysis

3.5 LPG Logistics Transportation Analysis

3.6 2023 LPG Supply Forecast and Analysis

Part 4 LPG Demand Pattern and Change Trend Analysis

4.1 2018-2022 International LPG Consumption Volume Change Trend Analysis

4.2 China LPG Consumption Volume Change Trend Analysis

4.3 2018-2022 China LPG Export Market Analysis

4.4 China LPG Downstream Consumption Structure Analysis

4.5 China LPG Downstream Consumption Structure Analysis by Region

4.6 China Downstream Customer Scale and Demand Change Analysis

4.7 China Downstream Industry Customer Scale in Major Region Analysis

4.8 2023-2027 LPG Downstream Consumption Growth Forecast

4.9 2023-2027 LPG Consumption Forecast

4.10 LPG Application Slack and Peak Season Analysis

4.11 Downstream Procurement Key Factor Analysis

4.12 Operational Risk and Operational Barrier Analysis

Part 5 LPG Product Price Trend Analysis

5.1 China LPG Market Price Analysis

5.1.1 2018-2022 China LPG Price Trend Review

5.1.2 2022 China LPG Price Trend Analysis

5.1.3 2022 China LPG Price Feature Analysis

5.2 International LPG Price Trend Analysis

5.2.1 2018-2022 Imported Propane Price Trend Analysis

5.2.2 2018-2022 Imported Butane Price Trend Analysis

5.2.3 2022 LPG International Transportation Freight Analysis

5.2.4 2022 LPG Import Arbitrage Analysis

5.3 LPG Futures Price Analysis

5.3.1 2022 LPG Basis Trend Analysis

5.3.2 2022 LPG Futures Contract Price Spread Analysis

5.3.3 2022 LPG Futures Mainstream Contract Quantity and Price Change Analysis

5.4 Related Product Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.4.1 LPG and Crude Oil Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.4.2 LPG and Major Downstream Product Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.4.3 LPG and Related Product Price Co-Movement Analysis

Part 6 LPG Market Trend Forecast

6.1 2023-2025 LPG Price Trend Forecast

6.2 LPG Major Price Driver Future Development Trend Analysis

6.2.1 Impact of Macro-Environment on LPG Market Analysis

6.2.2 Impact of Industry Policy on LPG Market Analysis

6.2.3 2023-2027 LPG Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

6.2.4 LPG Market Competition Pattern Analysis 2023-2027 Global LPG Trade Flow Forecast 2023-2027 China LPG Trade Flow Forecast

6.2.5 LPG Value Chain Analysis

6.2.6 Related Product Price Co-Movement Influence Forecast

6.3 2023 LPG Major Price Driver Influencing Extent Analysis


Appendix 1 2022 Chronicle of China’s LPG Industrial Events

Appendix 2 Methodology and Related Definition

Appendix 3 Tables and Charts

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Legal Statement

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