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2022-2023 China Silicone Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In 2022, there is intensive commissioning of the newly added capacity of silicone monomer in China, whose proportion in the global capacity further increases. However, with the emergence of new entrants in the industry, the original domestic supply system has been broken, and at the same time, the oversupply has become increasingly severe, intensifying cost competition among enterprises. During the year, with the slowdown of global economic growth and the decline of consumer confidence, except for photovoltaic-grade silicone rubber, the demand was tepid in many downstream fields, and production reductions occurred from time to time. Affected by the demand shrinkage, prices of silicone products moved downwards most of the time, and the average profit of the industry was diluted. Based on the continuous shrinking of foreign monomer capacity in recent years, the global dependence on the import of China’s silicone products has been increasing. In 2022, the export growth rate of polysiloxane in primary shape reached a new high, which was a major highlight of changes in the silicone market.

In 2023, the international environment and macroeconomic situation will be complex and changeable, and China’s silicone market environment will face severe challenges. On the supply side, in 2023, China’s domestic silicone monomer industry is expected to be in a period of rapid capacity expansion. Will the new capacity be released as scheduled, and how will the supply structure change? Can foreign-brand resources continue to maintain a competitive advantage? On the demand side, in the context of the slowdown in global economic growth, how will the demand for silicone in the traditional application fields change? Can emerging fields contribute to demand growth? Will the export volume continue to maintain rapid growth? On the cost side, futures of silicon metal, the main feedstock, will be listed soon. How will the price of 421 evolve in the future, and what impact will it have on the silicone market? With the increasing bargaining power of buyers, how will the price of silicone products develop in 2023? 2022-2023 China Silicone Market Annual Report will expound on silicone industry pattern changes and forecast industry development via elaborate and comprehensive data analysis.

The core competitiveness of SCI’s 2021-2022 China Silicone Market Annual Report lies in the comprehensive and detailed data, which extends from the silicone monomer to the upstream and downstream products of the industry. While reviewing and summarizing the past market in detail, it also interprets the changes in the industry in the next five years, in a bid to provide a strong basis for customers to judge the market.

Report value

1. To analyze the global silicone monomer capacity change and trade flow in the past five years and explore the law from historical changes.

2. To interpret the price changes and causes of major silicone products in the past five years.

3. To forecast the supply and demand of silicone monomer in China in the next five years with sufficient arguments and clear viewpoints.

4. To predict the price trend of DMC in the next three years quantitatively.


Part 1 China Silicone Market Overview

1.1 Silicone Products Introduction

1.2 Silicone Industry Chain

1.3 Silicone Monomer Supply-Demand and Related Product Price Analysis

Part 2 2018-2022 China Silicone Monomer Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 Silicone Products Supply Pattern and Variation Trend Analysis

3.1 2022 Global Silicone Monomer Supply Pattern Analysis

3.1.1 Global Silicone Monomer Capacity Regional Layout

3.1.2 2022 Global Trade Flow Analysis of Main Silicone Products

3.2 2018-2022 China Silicone Monomer Capacity Variation Analysis

3.2.1 China Silicone Monomer Capacity Concentration Ratio Analysis

3.2.2 China Silicone Monomer Capacity Regional Layout Analysis

3.2.3 2023-2027 China Newly Added Silicone Monomer Capacity

3.3 2018-2022 China Silicone Monomer Output and Operating Rate Analysis

3.3.1 2018-2022 Silicone Monomer Output and Operating Rate Analysis

3.3.2 2022 Silicone Monomer Monthly Output and Operating Rate Analysis

3.3.3 2022 Silicone Monomer Output Structure Analysis

3.4 China Silicone Import Market Analysis

3.4.1 2018-2022 China Primary-Form Polysiloxane Import Analysis

3.4.2 2022 China Primary-Form Polysiloxane Import Volume by Origin

3.5 2022 China Silicone Monomer Producer Inventory Analysis

3.6 2022 China Silicone Industry Chain Supply Integration Analysis

3.7 2023 China Silicone Monomer Market Supply Forecast

Part 4 Silicone Products Demand Pattern and Variation Trend Analysis

4.1 China Silicone Monomer Consumption Volume Analysis

4.2 2018-2022 China Silicone Export Market Analysis

4.3 China Silicone Monomer Downstream Consumption Structure Analysis

4.3.1 China Silicone Monomer Consumption Structure by Industry

4.3.2 China Silicone Monomer Consumption Structure by Region

4.3.3 Silicone Rubber Supply and Demand Status Analysis

4.3.4 Silicone Fluid Supply and Demand Status Analysis

4.3.5 Silicone Resin Supply and Demand Status Analysis

4.4 China Downstream Industry Customer Scale and Demand Analysis

4.5 2023-2027 China Silicone Monomer Downstream Consumption Forecast

4.6 2023-2027 China Silicone Monomer Consumption Volume Forecast

4.7 Silicone Products Slack Season and Peak Season Analysis

4.8 Downstream Customer Key Purchasing Factor Analysis

4.9 Operating Risk and Barrier Analysis in Business Operators

Part 5 Silicone Product Price Trend Analysis

5.1 China DMC Market Price Analysis

5.2 China 107 Oil Market Price Analysis

5.3 China Silicone Gum Market Price Analysis

5.4 China Dimethicone Market Price Analysis

5.5 China Silicone Rubber Compound Market Price Analysis

5.6 China Fumed Silica Market Price Analysis

5.7 Related Product Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.7.1 DMC and Main Feedstock Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.7.2 DMC and Main Downstream Products Price Co-Movement Analysis

Part 6 Silicone Product Market Forecast

6.1 2023-2025 DMC Price Trend Forecast

6.2 Silicone Price Drivers Future Development Trend Forecast

6.2.1 Macro Environment Interpretation

6.2.2 Industrial Policies Interpretation

6.2.3 2023-2027 China Silicone Monomer Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

6.2.4 Silicone Monomer Competition Analysis

6.2.5 Impact of Monopoly Industry on China Silicone Market

6.2.6 Value Chain Analysis and Forecast

6.2.7 Related Products Price Co-Movement Forecast

6.3 Impact Analysis of Major Drivers on DMC Price

Appendix 1 Methodology and Related Definition

Appendix 2 Tables, Charts and Enterprises

Appendix 3 Related Annual Report

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Legal Statement

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