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2022-2023 China PC Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


2022 witnessed a volatile global economy. Although high crude oil prices pushed up the basic feedstock prices of petrochemicals, the cost transmission varied in the industry. In 2022, both PC and BPA capacity increased, but the capacity growth rate of BPA was expected to surpass that of PC. With newly added BPA units going into operation, the BPA prices dropped notably, improving the gross profit of PC notably. Taking the middle-end PC as an example, its gross profit rose by 1,024.2% Y-O-Y in H1, 2022. However, the PC price decline in Q2 heavily dampened market confidence. Thus, it is urgent for market confidence to restore in H2, 2022, but market players should pay attention to the contradiction between the diversification of supply and limited demand potential in the PC market.

In the future, the newly added capacity along the phenol & acetone-BPA-PC industry chain will be concentrated in the upstream industry, and the integration will further accelerate, which will bring substantial changes to the supply-demand pattern. Against the backdrop of capacity growth, China’s PC industry still faces structural supply imbalance and price competition of low-end resources. However, PC enterprises have gradually attached importance to diversification and differentiation of production, and the trend of lowering the high supply of general-purpose materials has emerged. With growing capacity and output, the supply-demand relationship will remain as the key price driver, and the consumption growth will continue to be influenced by the implementation of related policies. SCI’s PC Market Annual Report analyzes the changes in the industry and predicts the industry trend via detailed and comprehensive data analysis.

The core competitiveness of SCI’s PC Market Annual Report lies in the comprehensive inspection of production, consumption and global trade flow of the industry chain, and the compilation focuses on the characteristics of “big data”, “supply and demand development trends”, and "value chain delivery". Concisely presenting the industry’s dynamic development and trend, the report reviews and summarizes the history in details and interprets and analyzes the industry changes in the next 5 years to provide customers with a reliable basis for decision-making.

Report Value

1. Long-term supply-demand balance analysis to dig into the development cycle of PC supply and demand fundamentals

2. Downstream consumption change analysis

3. Global and China’s trade flow change analysis

4. Objective evaluation on the profit allocation along the PC industry chain


Part 1 PC Market Overview

Part 2 2018-2022 PC Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 PC Supply Pattern and Change Analysis   

3.1 2022 Global PC Capacity Analysis

3.1.1 Global PC Capacity Layout

3.1.2 2022 Global PC Trade Flow

3.2 2018-2022 China PC Capacity Change Analysis

3.2.1 China PC Capacity Concentration Ratio Analysis

3.2.2 China PC Capacity Layout/Technology Comparative Analysis

3.2.3 China PC Capacity Integration Development Analysis

3.2.4 2022 China PC Trade Flow Analysis

3.2.5 2023-2027 China PC Newly Added Capacity

3.3 2018-2022 China PC Output and Operating Rate Change Analysis

3.4 China PC Import Analysis

3.4.1 2018-2022 China PC Import Analysis

3.4.2 2022 China PC Import Volume Analysis by Origin/ Trade Mode/Consignee or Consignor's Place of Registration

3.5 PC Storage/Logistics/Circulation Analysis

3.6 2023 China PC Market Supply Forecast

Part 4 PC Demand Pattern and Change Analysis

4.1 2018-2022 China PC Consumption Volume Change Analysis

4.2 2018-2022 China PC Export Market Analysis

4.3 China PC Downstream Consumption Structure Analysis

4.4 China PC Downstream Consumption Region Analysis

4.5 China PC Downstream Industry Customer Scale and Demand Change Analysis

4.5.1 China Automobile Industry

4.5.2 China Electronic Product Industry

4.5.3 China Sheet Industry

4.5.4 China Other Industries

4.6 2023-2027 PC Downstream Industry Consumption Growth Forecast

4.7 PC Demand Peak Season and Slack Season Analysis

4.8 Downstream Customer Key Procurement Factor Analysis

4.9 Operating Risk and Barrier Analysis

Part 5 PC Price Trend Analysis

5.1 2018-2022 China PC Market Price Analysis

5.2 2022 China PC Price Trend Analysis

5.2.1 2022 RMB-Denominated PC Price Trend Analysis

5.2.2 2022 USD-Denominated PC Price Trend Analysis

5.3 2022 China PC Industry Profit Analysis

5.4 Feedstock Price Analysis

5.4.1 2022 BPA Price Analysis

5.4.2 2022 DMC Price Analysis

Part 6 2023-2025 PC Market Forecast

6.1 2023-2025 PC Price Trend Forecast

6.2 PC Market Major Driver Future Development Forecast

6.2.1 Influences of Macro-Economy on the PC Market

6.2.2 Influences of Industrial Policies on the PC Market

6.2.3 Production Technology Comparison

6.2.4 2023-2027 China PC Market Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

6.2.5 PC Market Competition Analysis

6.2.6 Value Chain Analysis and Forecast

6.2.7 Related Product Price Co-Movement Forecast

6.3 2023 Major Price Driver Analysis



Appendix 1 PC Market Hotspots

Appendix 2 Methodology and Related Definition

Appendix 3 Tables and Charts

Appendix 4 Related Product Annual Reports

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Legal Statement

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