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2022-2023 China Natural Rubber Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In 2022, the complex international environment exerted downward pressure on China’s economy. The commodity price was also under high stress. Against the backdrop of strong supply but dull demand, the natural rubber price notched new lows constantly. And the overall natural rubber market underperformed. Since May, China had fortified macro-policy adjustment in the face of demand drop and expected economic downturn. With a series of measures to stabilize economic growth emerging, the commodity market began to ramp up, and the natural rubber market rebounded driven by the co-movement. However, there was a lack of core drives from its own supply-demand fundamentals. Especially, due to the slack demand, China’s domestic and export markets both faced headwinds. Therefore, China’s natural rubber market underperformed overall. In the future, there is a risk of recession in the global economy. The macro-environment will be full of uncertainties amid unsettled geopolitics. How will China’s natural rubber supply and demand evolve? And how will upstream and downstream players grasp market opportunities?

SCI proceeds comprehensive monitoring and detailed analysis of production, import, consumption and inventory of natural rubber upstream, midstream and downstream industries. 2022-2023 China Natural Rubber Market Annual Report maps out industry pattern change and market outlook in the back of SCI’s first-hand data, “big data”, supply and demand relationship, industrial chain value conduction, etc., in a bid to provide customers with a solid basis to grasp the future market.

Report value

1. To make you access to natural rubber supply-demand fundamentals status via analyzing recent five-year supply and demand patterns.

2. To assist you to grasp the future industry development trend by analyzing the current supply and demand status of natural rubber from a global perspective.

3. To break down the inventory characteristics of each link in detail and conduct an in-depth analysis via SCI’s first-hand inventory data of China’s natural rubber industry.

4. To deeply interpret the characteristics of the natural rubber consumption industry and closely eye on the scale and demand changes of the main downstream consumption sectors.

5. To help you intuitively grip the demand for natural rubber and market trend via analyzing the stock-replenishment data at downstream tire enterprises.

6. To comprehensively analyze price drivers covering the co-movement among futures & spot goods, types, substitutes, etc., and industrial chain value conduction.

7. To forecast natural rubber supply and demand changes in the next 3 years and industry development trends from various perspectives.

8. To track industry hotspots and policies for providing you with the most detailed and concerned industry changes.


Part 1 NR Market Overview

1.1 NR Basic Attribute

1.2 NR Market Fundamentals Analysis

Part 2 2018-2022 NR Market Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 NR Market Supply Pattern and Change Analysis

3.1 Global NR Supply Pattern Analysis

3.1.1 NR Planting Area Change in Major Rubber Producing Countries and Beyond

3.1.2 NR Output Change in Major Rubber Producing Countries and Beyond

3.1.3 2022 Global NR Resource Flow Analysis

3.2 China NR Supply Pattern Analysis

3.2.1 China NR Planting Area Change and Analysis

3.2.2 China NR Output Change Analysis

3.2.3 2022 China NR Resource Flow Analysis

3.3 China NR Import Market Analysis

3.3.1 2018-2022 China NR Import Data Analysis

3.3.2 2022 China NR Import Market Analysis

3.3.3 2022 China NR Import Market Change Analysis by Rubber Type

3.3.4 2022 China NR Import Market Change Analysis by Import Structure

3.3.5 2022 Import NR Resource Flow Analysis

3.4 2022 China NR Inventory Data Analysis

3.4.1 2022 China NR Social Inventory Change Analysis

3.4.2 Main Region and Link NR Inventory Change Analysis Qingdao Bonded Zone and General Trade in Qingdao Inventory Change Analysis Tire Enterprise Feedstock Inventory Change Analysis

Part 4 NR Market Demand Pattern and Change Analysis

4.1 2018-2022 Global NR Consumption Volume Change Analysis

4.2 China NR Consumption Volume Change Analysis

4.3 China NR Downstream Consumption Structure Analysis

4.3.1 2022 China NR Downstream Consumption Analysis by Industry

4.3.2 2022 China NR Downstream Consumption Analysis by Region

4.4 China Downstream Main Consumption Industry Customer Scale and Demand Change Analysis

4.5 2023 NR Downstream Industry Consumption Change Forecast

4.6 2023 NR Consumption Volume Forecast

4.7 NR Downstream Application Off Season and Peak Season Analysis

4.8 Key Factors Analysis for Downstream Customers Procurement

4.9 Market Operators (Producers & Traders) Risks and Barriers Analysis

Part 5 NR Price Trend Analysis

5.1 2018-2022 NR Market Review

5.2 2022 NR Market Review

5.2.1 China NR Market Price Trend Analysis

5.2.2 International NR Price Trend Analysis

5.3 Impact of Natural Rubber Futures Price on Spot Market

5.4 Related Product Price Co-movement Analysis

5.4.1 NR and Main Feedstock Price Co-movement Analysis

5.4.2 NR and Main Downstream Product Price Co-movement Analysis

5.4.3 NR and Related Product Price Co-movement Analysis

Part 6 2023-2025 NR Market Outlook

6.1 2023-2025 NR Price Trend Forecast

6.2 NR Market Driver Development Forecast

6.2.1 Impact of Macro Environment on NR Market

6.2.2 Impact of Industrial Policy on NR Market

6.2.3 2023-2027 China NR Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

6.2.4 Value Chain Analysis and Forecast

6.2.5 Related Product Price Co-movement Analysis Forecast

6.3 NR Market Competition Pattern Analysis

6.3.1 2023-2027 Global NR Trade Flow Forecast Analysis

6.3.2 2023-2027 China NR Trade Flow Forecast Analysis

6.4 Impact of Main Driver on 2023 NR Price

Appendix 1 Highlights in NR Industry

Appendix 2 Annual Events in the NR Industry

Appendix 3 Methodologies and Related Definitions

3.1 Statistical and Computing Methodologies

3.2 Forecast Model Interpretation

3.3 Definition and Abbreviation

Appendix 4 Tables, Charts & Enterprises

Legal Statement


Legal Statement

1. The information contained in this report is for reference only.
2. This report is the property of SCI. No legal entity or individual is allowed to copy, publish, broadcast, or distribute any or all of the content of this report to any third party or public by any means. Copyright violation is a serious offence. Any distribution or forwarding of information that is not expressly permitted by your subscription agreement is a copyright violation.
3. SCI bears no legal responsibility for the risks and losses incurred by using this report.
For more information about multiple subscriptions and licenses to this report or any other product reports, please email to overseas.sales@sci99.com or call 86-533-5075233.

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