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2022-2023 China Swine Slaughter Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


The swine cycle bottoms out in 2022, and the swine market becomes volatile. Since Q2, the swine supply has shrunk significantly, and the swine price enters an uptrend. However, the rising swine price has caused trouble for slaughter enterprises in procurement, and their gross profit has turned negative. In addition to the sloppy market supply, the port price lacks upward momentum, and end users also show resistance to high prices. According to SCI, as of August 25, 2022, the annual average port price has dropped by 27.05% Y-O-Y, and the average operating rate of slaughter enterprises drops by 1.51% Y-O-Y. The end consumption fails to improve, and slaughter enterprises still face high pressure. In the meantime, the swine price often witnesses irrational adjustments, and uncertainties including national policies continue to disrupt the market evolvement.

Will the port demand meet expectations in Q4 of 2022? Will the port demand in 2023 recover from the previous sloppiness? Will the swine and pork market fluctuate in 2023? When will the slaughter industry turn from loss to profit? How will the domestic pork consumption seasonality evolve? What is the future development trend of end consumption?

SCI’s swine industry chain team has rich experience, and the research field covers the entire swine industry chain as well as related substitute industries. Based on the solid and reliable research data of SCI and combined with the data released by relevant ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Bureau of Statistics and the General Administration of Customs, the report analyzes and interprets the overall development of swine industry chain in 2022. Also, the report makes a comprehensive and rational forecast for the supply-demand changes, price trends as well as import and export of the swine breeding industry in 2022 through a variety of mathematical models and calculation methods.

Report value

1. Regional supply-demand balance analysis and an overview of the pork supply-demand fundamentals in 2022.

2. Deep analysis of operating rate, inventory and profit at slaughter enterprises and display of downstream demand to the maximum extent for the year of swine cycle rebound.

3. Comprehensive analysis of pork consumption based on SCI’s system for monitoring demand data

4. New changes in impacts of the seasonality, festival and other factors on the swine market.

5. China’s pork supply-demand pattern forecast in 2023 from multiple perspectives.

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5.3 2018-2022 China Slaughter Enterprises Gross Profit Analysis

5.4 Substitutes Price Co-Movement Influence Analysis

Part 6 Pork Market Forecast

6.1 2023 Influence of Macro Factors on the Swine Market

6.1.1 Influence Forecast of Macro Environment on the Swine Market

6.1.2 Influence Forecast of Industrial Policies on the Swine Market

6.1.3 Swine Slaughter Industry Competition Pattern Analysis and Forecast

6.2 2023 Swine Slaughter Gross Profit Forecast

6.3 2023 Pork Supply Pattern Forecast

6.3.1 Major Slaughter Enterprises’ Operating Rate Forecast

6.3.2 Major Slaughter Enterprises’ Fresh Sales Rate and Frozen Pork Storage Utilization Forecast

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6.4.1 2023 Pork Consumption Volume Forecast

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6.5 2023-2027 Pork Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

6.6 2023 Swine and Pork Price Forecast

6.6.1 Swine Price Forecast

6.6.2 Pork Price Forecast

Appendix 1 Methodology and Related Definition

Appendix 2 Top 10 Slaughter enterprises List

Appendix 3 Tables and Charts

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Legal Statement

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